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Thomas – I Like to Ask "Why?"

by Fontbonne University on November 3, 2008

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Tomorrow America will decide the next President of the United States of America.

To say it’s been a long ride would be the understatement of the century. This is the first presidential election that I can vote in and I really got into the day to day political buzz in this election. It has been a fun and interesting time. I’ve talked to several people about the election, and invariably the issue of “Who are you voting for?” comes up. I’ve known since the end of the primary that I was voting for John McCain. When someone else tells me who they are voting for, regardless of the candidate, I like to ask them “Why?” If they can back up their choice with some rational evidence then I am pleased. If they cannot give a good or accurate reason why, I’m a little upset. In this editorial I will detail the “Why” behind my decision to vote for John McCain. I will divide my reasoning into paragraphs on foreign issues, domestic issues, and social issues. I will also challenge you to back up your support for a given candidate. Do you know “why” you are voting for McCain or Obama?

Foreign policy is McCain’s strong suit. There is no doubt that McCain has the credentials and the know-how when it comes to foreign affairs. McCain was a prisoner of war and a true American hero. The current wars in Iraq and Afghanistan need McCain’s expertise. I have supported both wars in the past and continue to today. At the most bloody, violent point in the war with Iraq, John McCain did what many considered political suicide. He backed the surge strategy which called for more troops and a counterinsurgency plan. While everyone was jumping ship on Iraq, McCain didn’t do what was politically safe, he did what he felt was right. And it turned out right. Violence in Iraq is at low, low levels now and Iraqi forces are beginning to take back control of their own country. This is the kind of foreign policy leadership we need in the White House. John McCain will bring home our troops not on a timetable but in victory. He will lead us to more success in Afghanistan as well.

The current economic downturn has been all over the news in last month or so. The financial crisis has led the DOW to new lows and has led congress to bail out financial institutions. Since the economic downturn, Obama has seen an uptick in his polls. I do not understand this rationale. Do people think Obama will be better for the economy? McCain saw that the lending practices at Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac were going to cause problems years ago and urged congress to act. Democrats stopped him, and well you know the rest of that story. The bad lending brought us the financial collapse of today. I’m not saying that the current mess is the Democrats fault, but it sure isn’t the Republicans. Obama thinks that by placing harsher regulations on institutions and businesses and raising taxes on businesses and the rich, he can fixed the economy. I disagree with this on principle and believe John McCain’s across the board tax cuts for people and businesses are the right course. In economic times like these why raise taxes on anyone? I also think that McCain’s stances on cutting back on government spending and waste are needed now more than ever. McCain is also right for energy by promoting off-shore drilling and more nuclear power plants. In rough economic times we need a tight belt on government not a tax and spend liberal.

Unfortunately social issues have been underemphasized in this campaign on both sides. The most important one I wish to discuss is abortion. Obama has publicly told Planned Parenthood that the first executive order he intends to give as President will strip away all abortion restrictions that states have implemented. This is coming from a man who says he wants to lower the number of abortions. Doesn’t exactly line up does it? Obama has said answering the question of when life begins is “above my paygrade.” When McCain was asked the same question he unwaveringly stated “at the moment of conception.” Currently the Supreme Court is split between conversative and liberal justices, but many of the more liberal justices are getting old and it is likely at least one of them will be leaving the Supreme Court during the next president’s term. McCain will nominate judges that understand legislating from the bench is wrong and that Roe v. Wade was a bad judgment. John McCain has a strong pro-life record, while Barack Obama led opposition against a bill that would simply require medical care for babies born in botched abortions. If John McCain becomes president, one of the worst injustices against human life could end in the United States. This is an opportunity that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Taken together these issues define the broad reasons I plan to vote for John McCain for the next President of the United States. John McCain is an American hero, an experienced leader, and what our country needs now. Barack Obama has broken great barriers and added significantly to the public debate, but he isn’t ready and he isn’t who we need for the next president. Now I leave you with a question to think about, who are you voting for, and more importantly: “Why?”

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