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Fontbonne University

Mary- One Step Closer To Millenium Goals

by Fontbonne University on November 20, 2008

in Academics,Campus Community,Organizations, Activities & Events

This Dedicated Semester has been very interesting. I’ve been able to partake in quite a few of the fontbonnemaryevents, and they’ve all impacted me in some way…As an orientation leader, I was required to read ” They Poured Fired On Us From the Sky” a story about the lost boys of Sudan. I wasn’t too excited about having mandated summer reading, but as soon as I got into I couldn’t put it down. Once orientation rolled around I encouraged my freshmen to read it, not just because we were having a discussion about it during orientation and they might feel silly not having read it, but because it was definitely worth reading. It definitely opened my eyes up to a lot of things and when Benjamin Ajak, one of the authors of the book, came to Fontbonne, I made my best efforts to squeeze out of class a bit early so I could catch some of his presentation. It was awesome, to say the least.
Also in accordance with the dedicated semester, FISH, one of the organizations I’m the president of, held a solar cookout. We grilled corn and had apple cider, and raised money and awareness for the situation in Darfur. We ended up raising enough money to send three solar cookers overseas to help with the hunger problems there. A lot of people came and we were able to share with them what and who we were doing this for.

Dedicated semester events and awareness don’t all take place outside of classes either. In my biology class, our final project was on environmental sustainability. We had to choose a hot topic about the environment and look at the candidates for the presidential election and where they stood on environmental issues.

All of these events and activities were so fun to take part in and I learned so much about what the UN is trying to do for the world. Everything I did, even if it was just learning more about an issue, helped us get one step closer to the Millenium Goals, and I’m very glad that Fontbonne provides us with opportunities like this.

What other opportunities could Fontbonne provide? Check out our open house on November 21st!

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