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Fontbonne University

Libby-Ugg Boots Aren't Her Cup of Tea

by Fontbonne University on November 18, 2008

in Campus Community

There is little exception when it comes to wearing brown and black.  I can handle black and tan, blog32but black and brown together is never a good combination!  I have to agree with Sarah on this one.  I don’t know if it’s my obsession with TLC’s show What Not to Wear, but when I see someone wearing a brown belt with black shoes, I cringe.  I went shopping at Target with my best friend who shares my opinion on brown and black, and we found a black shirt with a brown collar and buttons.  Luckily, I haven’t seen any Fontbonne students sporting this, to me awful trend.  Because I have gone to schools all my life where a uniform was a must, it is different to go to class where people wear whatever.  I have been pretty impressed with the outfits I have seen people wear on campus.  But there have been a couple of times I thought to myself, “Really?”  Guys wearing tight jeans and girls wearing leggings with Ugg boots aren’t my cup of tea, but if you wear these things and are confident and you like it, go for it.

Would your outfit impress Libby? Do you want to be a style maven? Maybe Fontbonne’s Fashion Merchandising Major is for you!

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