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Fontbonne University

Libby- It's Definitely The People

by Fontbonne University on November 10, 2008

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fontbonnelibbyI am sitting at home waiting to go back to Fontbonne and all I can think about is what my friends are doing back at school. I could easily say they are some of my favorite things about Fontbonne. Most of the friendships I have made are because of dorm life. When we aren’t in class we are in each others’ rooms listening to music, watching a movie, or trying to get homework done. Most of the people I have made friends with play sports for Fontbonne, so it’s always fun to cheer on my friends at the sporting events. One thing my friends and I have started doing is cooking meals for each other in the kitchen in Medaille. We try to cook once a week. Two people are in charge of a meal and going shopping for the food and cooking it. Then we all get together and invite other people to eat with us.

I also have enjoyed meeting people through Campus Ministry activities. On the Metanoia Retreat, I had to opportunity to meet and get to know people I don’t usually see on a day to day basis. I also have grown close to the Campus Ministers Sarah and Tony. They have both taken me out for breakfast just to get to know me better and chat. I am looking forward to the new friendships I will make on two service trips I will be taking.

Through the Guru Program and work study, I have been able to become familiar with the faculty and staff at Fontbonne. My Guru has taken me out for dinner and helped keep me informed of opportunities on campus. I work in the Communication Disorders and Deaf Education Department and through working in this department I have met some of the professors I will have and that makes me more confident in picking my classes. All the faculty and staff I have met have my best interest in mind and are always suggesting classes or events to attend or just checking in to make sure I am doing okay in my classes.

I think it’s the people at Fontbonne that really have made transition into college life positive for me.

What would your favorite thing about Fontbonne be? Apply today or check out all the other information of Fontbonne’s Home Webpage!

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