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Fontbonne University

Libby- Informed and Ready to Vote

by Fontbonne University on November 4, 2008

in Campus Community

fontbonnelibbyIt is the eve of the 2008 Presidential Election.  This is the very first election I will ever vote in.  To take away some of the anxiety I am experiencing, my family and I will be heading to the polls together.  I am excited to be part of such a monumental election thus far in our nation’s history.  Either way this election will be remembered. This election isn’t just exciting because there is an African American and woman on the ballot but is has been close to home.  Both Vice Presidential candidates were at Washington University debating and I got to witness the work that goes in to that by driving around the campus.  Sarah Plain also visited my home town, Cape Girardeau, Missouri, though I did not get to attend the convention.

In order to prepare for this election I’ve thought about things that are important to me.  This includes the environment, Pro Life issues, and social security.  After listening to some debates, talking with friends and family members, and reading up on the candidates I feel like I am ready to go vote!

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