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Fontbonne University

Krista- Supports Differences in Politicial Opinion

by Fontbonne University on November 3, 2008

in Campus Community

These past few months on campus have been very…interesting. There has definitely been a lot of


turmoil surrounding this election, and at first, I thought it would divide our campus (like it was suppose to divide our country). Heated debates between friends supporting opposite parties have frequently occurred on Fontbonne’s campus.

But despite it all, despite all of the disagreement and debate and drama, a respect presides. For the most part, students here can look past differences in opinion and respect each other’s choices. I was surprised to see two very good friends sit down and debate their opposite opinions–a very heated debate–and get up from it, shake hands, and head to the DSAC for lunch together afterwards. It’s very unusual…but very Fontbonne.

I think that, here at Fontbonne, for the most part, people of different backgrounds, races, cultures, opinions, and, yes–political parties–can not only respect those differences but remain friends. Good friends. It’s all part of our small-town community. Sure, there’s drama. But there’s also a lot of love. A lot of friendship. And a lot of support–support even in our differences.

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