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Fontbonne University

Krista- Not Always a Frumpy McFrumperson

by Fontbonne University on November 17, 2008

in Campus Community

fontbonnekrista3Honestly, I practically live in sweats. I know this is one of the worst fashion “don’ts” and I probably walk around looking like Frumpy McFrumperson, but hey, at least I’m comfy. And at least they’re usually Fontbonne sweats–school spirit counts for something, right?

I do like to dress up for dates and special occasions, though. Despite usually being McFrumperson, I enjoy wearing a lovely dress every once in awhile or a cute pair of jeans with heels. Plus, I go to church every Sunday, so there’s a chance for my sweats to stay in my bottom drawer! Also, I completed my internship this summer and fall, and I had to dress business casual for that. (I now have a strong hatred for pencil skirts–but that’s a whole different story.)

Here on campus, I don’t really have any fashion pet peeves. I mean, you can definitely spot the athletes, who usually sport their team’s attire. And fashion merch students can be seen from a mile away, in their adorably matching outfits and heels. I think that people on campus are pretty unique in what they wear…and ironically, I, Frumpy McFrumperson, have two of the most stylish girls as roommates! I think this has helped motivate me to try harder in my wardrobe building, too, haha.

 But I guess if I had to choose a pet peeve, it would be that some people are not very unique in what they choose to wear, and simply go along with the latest fads and with what the magazines tell them they should buy and put on. When I do ditch my sweats, I put my own personal spin on my outfits, and I think it’s important to let your own personality shine through with what you’re wearing!

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