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Fontbonne University

Krista- Can't Just Pick One Favorite

by Fontbonne University on November 11, 2008

in Academics,Campus Community,Organizations, Activities & Events,Our Causes

fontbonnekrista4My favorite thing about Fontbonne is, definitely, the professors., it’s living on campus, for sure. Or.. all of the fantastic clubs & activities. No, no, it’s the amazing location and beautiful campus.
Okay. I can’t choose just one thing. But all of the above, and many more, are aspects of Fontbonne University that make it a fantastic place to be. The professors are amazing–many schools claim that their teachers “really care about the students”…but there are very few colleges where the professors know each and every one of their students personally, by name. Like I said before, the professors I’ve had here at Fontbonne are some of the most intelligent, wonderful, funny, and caring people I’ve ever met.
I’m a senior, and this is the first semester I’ve lived on campus. I absolutely love it! My apartment is awesome, my roommates are fantastic, and it’s so convenient living right here on Fontbonne’s beautiful campus. It’s safe, central, and in a beautiful area. The Loop is 5 minutes away. So is downtown Maplewood, as well as the St. Louis Galleria. But living on campus also allows you to plug in here at Fontbonne–there is always something going on, and you really get to know people a lot better if you live here.
Speaking of on campus activities–one of my very favorite things about Fontbonne is all of the great clubs and student organizations!! I’m currently a part of several: I’m on the FISH board (Fontbonne In Service & Humility), I’m a Campus Ministry intern, editor-in-chief of the Fontbanner, the secretary of the SGA (Student Government Association), I was on the recent Dance Marathon board, and I was on the leadership team for the Metanoia retreat. It has been a busy, but blessed, semester! Anyway, these clubs and organizations are really the foundation of this University. Getting involved in them allows you to be a part of the core of this school, and definitely helps you get the full “Fontbonne experience.”
So, my favorite thing about Fontbonne? I can’t pick just one!

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