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Fontbonne University

Andy- Doesn't Care What He Wears

by Fontbonne University on November 18, 2008

in Campus Community

fontbonneandyI honestly wear what I want, usually I base what I wear that day on if I am working or not.  If I have to go to work that night, I usually wear jeans and a nice jacket.  But if I do not have to work, I usually just wear shorts, hoodies, or sweat pants. I just want to be comfortable when I am here and not worry about impressing anyone (trust me, I’m not trying to).  I like to be comfortable, and I doesn’t bother me of what people think of what I am wearing that day.  If I feel like being a slob and chill, then I will be, if I feel like dressing up, then I will.  It all depends how I feel that day and if I am going to work or not.

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