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Fontbonne University

Andrew- Fontbonne is Not Just a Community

by Fontbonne University on November 10, 2008

in Academics

fontbonneandrewFontbonne delights me. I can’t even begin to express how absolutely thrilled I was walking to class today. It’s unseasonably warm today for St. Louis, I’m told, in the mid 70’s. There’s a light breeze to the air to bring the scent of autumn to my nose, and a fantastic display of natural colors painting the trees all around campus to match that smell. I couldn’t be happier here.
                Today I stopped in to Ryan Hall, into the office of the Dean of Undergraduate Studies, Dr. Genevieve Robinson. Now that we’re in the advising process (well, okay, maybe I have a little head start on all that thanks to my wonderful advisor, Sister Mary Carol Anth), I’m looking at classes for next semester and deciding to take a healthy 19 hours! Any student taking more than 18 hours has to have the approval of Dr. Robinson, and so I had dropped off my form in her office, seeking her signature. Though she wasn’t available, her secretary, Elizabeth Willey, was far beyond kind in helping me schedule an appointment to meet with Dr. Robinson. She took my phone number, found out my schedule, and promised to keep in touch until I could rest easy on the matter.
               This is what I love about Fontbonne. Not just this instant, but all instances like it and the sheer plurality of such instances. Fontbonne University cares about me, as a student. Here I am respected and treated as a mature adult, capable of making my own decisions and able to work hard and help myself, but at the same time I am willingly and gracefully assisted any time I come to seek the help of others. At Fontbonne, I am cared about as an individual and that is made more than apparent. It’s not just faculty, either! The students here, perhaps also made to feel better about life itself thanks to the dedication of Fontbonne’s faculty, is also for the most part respectful and pleasant to coexist and cooperate with. Fontbonne is a community, and no one is excluded.
                Fontbonne is not just a community, however; it reaches beyond that, and encourages its students to reach beyond that. Having actively participated in the dedicated semester events this year, focusing on the Millennium Development Goals and the struggles of peoples around the world, I feel not only as if I have learned more, as if I am more aware of these struggles, but also as if I have developed my thoughts on how we can address these issues. I feel as though I have both learned what is wrong as well as what I can begin to do to try and help with these problems. Thanks to the sheer dedication of Fontbonne, I have stepped beyond simple awareness and now feel empowered as an individual.
               This is what I like about Fontbonne; as a community, Fontbonne University encourages me and my peers to do exactly as its motto says; I am not just to learn more, but to be more. I like Fontbonne because it lives up to the ideals it promotes. I like Fontbonne, because here I can “Learn More, Be More”. What more could I hope to gain in an education?

Be more and check out upcoming dedicated semester activities!

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