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Fontbonne University

Andrew- East Coast is Fashion

by Fontbonne University on November 17, 2008

in Campus Community

I hate to break it to you guys, but for the most part, you are behind on your fashions. fontbonneandrew
Before you attack me, let me justify myself. First, for the most part all of you dress fine. Some of you dress pretty stylish and I dig that. I mean, you guys don’t dress badly. Occasionally, someone dresses pretty badly, but whatever, that’s forgivable. After all, I don’t mean to claim that I’m that fashionable, myself. I dress in what I find comfortable—jeans, sometimes cargos, with a T-shirt, and an undershirt or a sweatshirt if it’s cold. Not the best of fashions, but that’s never mattered to me.
However, coming from the east coast, I think I can safely claim that my sense of what’s fresh on the fashion scene is pretty strong. And what drives me nuts is that I almost never, ever see the kinds of fashion statements here that I saw back in New York. It’s the one thing that stands out to me above almost everything else when I note the differences between people in the Midwest and people in the East. Mainly, people in the East have this knack to dress in a way that fits adjectives such as “extremely fresh” and “absolutely ridiculous”, both being in the most positive sense of the word. The absurd mixtures of colors and styles that I see back in New York just don’t get off the plane with the people here. I’ve yet to see anyone wearing khaki shorts over red track pants. I still haven’t seen any guys wearing v-necks. No strange and unique patterns going on shirts of strange and unique colors, with vests that look like Will Smith might have worn them in an episode of “Prince of Bel-air”. Sounds absolutely crazy, right? Sure. But that kind of craziness has another term: trend-setting. What I see in New York is what you’ll all be wearing in a few years.
Now, to be fair, maybe this has only to do with the people I knew in New York; I knew some pretty ridiculous kids. Not everyone has a sense for fashion. I think it’s something you have to have innately. To any girls reading this, don’t worry; you all dress fine, from what I can tell. But guys? Let’s see some stand-outs. Now that? That would really be something. But until you dress like this:  for no other reason than because you can, you’ll be behind.

Interested in Fontbonne fashion? Maybe a fashion merchandising major is for you!

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