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Fontbonne University

Sarah- Can See Herself in Many Fields

by Fontbonne University on October 22, 2008

in Academics

My major is Accounting.  My thought process for this selection was that I wanted to mainly do photography.  So I sat here thinking, “Well I need to go the business route.”  Photography alone has a lot of different costs associated with it.  You must buy the paper to develop the photos on, the chemicals to process the prints, and a good amount of space to work.  There is always the thought that if you want to produce your own pictures then you would need to include a darkroom, an easle and other necessities.  So I had the idea that I would get an accounting degree because for this reason of starting my own photography business.
Now, at school I’ve come to know the non-profit accounting.  I worked for a non-profit for my internship at the March of Dimes.  The people there are so friendly.  They are not out for making the most money.  I could see that they are very passionate about their jobs.  It’s really a different way of thinking.  I loved it!!!  Sure it was tough at times, but you know what? I could see myself working in that field.

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