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Fontbonne University

Rachel – Starting the New School Year

by Fontbonne University on October 10, 2008

in Athletics

My heart began to race in anticipation the first week of August. My return to Fontbonne Univeristy was quickly approaching, and I couldn’t wait! Being at home in Tennessee all summer fell short of my fast-paced life at school in Saint Louis. Coming back to school earlier than other students was refreshing to me. I was so eager to see my friends, teammates, roommate, coach, and even some of my professors again! I had missed all my familiar school faces.

Arriving at safely at school with my car loaded down with everything I owned, I was surprised to see a mob of rushing people streaming in and out of the Joe.  Focus leaders, students, parents, and staff lugged all kinds of dorm room amenities through the lobby. The Residential Life staff immediately welcomed me and got me my key to my brand new dorm room in Medaille! After a few hours and lots of heavy lifting, my room was complete! Bob Marley, Monet, the United State map, the Beatles, and Gunner the Griffin all hung proudly on my walls. The theme was eclectic or, as I like to call it, “multi-cultural chic,” equipped with braided rug and batik director’s chair! I was also glad to have the community bathrooms of the Joe in my past and happy to share a a bathroom with one of my best friends and former roommate, Sarah.   Although the green tile walls and shower wouldn’t have been my first choice in decor, it didn’t clash with our new rubber ducky theme.  A solitary room, without intrusion from my parents, was extremely relaxing for my five days free of class, especially with the new pressure of a upcoming cross country season.

Meeting my new teammates was exciting, especially since our former running program was so small. I loved having my group of running friends back, especially since we had a few days free of class to run amok in the city. We played in Forest Park between practice times, as well as ran errand to get ready for classes to start. Dorm meetings, work study fairs, athletic meetings, and physicals made me excited to get the school year running! Our five free days went a little too quickly, and I found myself having to go to bed early so I would be  able to make my 9 a.m. class on Wednesday! The first day of class was the norm: an introduction, syllabus, background notes, and an early class ending. All my classes were new to me and very interesting, because I had less Gen Ed classes and more courses in my major. Cultural Communications and Spanish interested me the most, mainly because the professors both had such charisma and charm! Books were an expensive and painful trip, but necessary. I had to put off my fall wardrobe shopping excursion until September when work study started.

Convocation Day came and was a great start to the academic school year! From many great speakers to a beautiful mass in Doerr Chapel, I enjoyed my day off from classes. Being blessed as an SGA officer was a wonderful experience. I am glad to know that the University faculty, staff, and students are behind the Student Government! Student Government activities got off to a great start with the Activities Fair, which was fantastic and sugar-filled despite having to be  moved inside the DSAC. All the clubs were present and music filled the gym, both from the Music Club equipped with a bass guitar and from the fantastic Itunes DJ, Chris Gill. I am excited to get more involved in new clubs, especially Dance Marathon! Who doesn’t love to dance all night for a good cause?

With all that has been going on in the last month, nothing could have topped the wonderful birthday weekend I had this year! The cross country team were both men and women’s team champions, and I was the first girl overall! Plus, my parents came up to watch me race and brought us all cupcakes. My birthday weekend also included the new Niki exhibit at the Botanical Gardens, The Saint Louis Art Fair, dinner on the Hill, brunch at First Watch (my favorite breakfast spot), Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants Two, the mall, Coldstone ice cream, lunch at the Elephant Bar with all my girlfriends, and dinner with my boyfriend at P.F. Changs! Stuffed full and excited for the year to come, I would say that so far I’ve started it off right! Ciao!

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