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Fontbonne University

Rachel- Smell the Fontbonne Spirit!

by Fontbonne University on October 29, 2008

in Athletics,Campus Community

I can honestly say that last week was the best, and most exhausting weeks of my life, especially my life at Fontbonne. It was SPIRIT WEEK on campus, and it couldn’t have gone any better! My spirit week started on Monday, at the Griffin Gang meeting, when we met to make t-shirts and signs for the Women’s Volleyball game on Tuesday!  From glitter to spray paint, the room was filled with the smell of school spirit! The Griffin Gang tailgated before the game, with hot dogs, hamburgers, chips, dip, soda, and lemonade for all students that showed up. I helped set up the cook out but couldn’t stay the whole time because I was working the Bi-annual Alumni Phonathon.

In coming later to the game, I was so excited to see the Griffin Gang, as well as a lot of other students, up and cheering! Fontbonne Activities Board (FAB) gave out plastic bam-bams and that were not only purple and gold but loud enough to get some real attention! Gunner the Griffin was even in the spirit, dancing along to the cheers of the crowd! The match ended in a very close loss in the fourth game.

Wednesday night, I was excited to watch the first ever Lip Sync contest on campus! I had planned to compete in lip-syncing “Anyone Else But You” from the movie Juno, with one of my guy friend’s, but was really mad when he couldn’t get off work! We most definitely would have been competition for the others “syncers.” I knew all of the competitors personally, which made it even funnier. Jackie Raines was by far my favorite. She made her mouth into a person of its own by laying upside down on a table, putting googly eyes on her chin, and wearing a cap. Her chin sang one of my favorite Red Hot Chili Peppers songs very dramatically!  It was absolutely hilarious, but maybe you had to be there… I can say, by the end of the night, my abs were sore from laughing!

My first ever Mystery Masquerade was a huge part of my Spirit Week too! I decided at midnight of the night before to go, which didn’t leave much time for getting ready. I wore a dress and heels I already had, and found a huge group of other friends who were going too. After a hot, crowded, bus ride through the city, we were all excited to stop in front of a Saloon! I love to dance and evidently so did all the other students who went! We salsa-ed, cha-cha-ed, shimmied, shook it like a Polaroid picture, rolled the dice, and threw our hands up and shouted. It was like a night out in a club, minus the cigarette smoke and the creepy guys. Totally worth it!

Dance Marathon ended my Spirit Week and exhausted me physically and mentally. Raising money for Childrens’ Miracle Network and meeting the children we were dancing for was rewarding and emotional. It was great to end a week of fun with friends from Fontbonne, dancing the night away to help others.  We were all smiling and trying our hardest to win the spirit award. We came close placing first before the final Morale dance, but lost out to a local high school.  But, the night did bring a group of fifteen of us closer together and created more pride for the school we love, Fontbonne University.

Check out other cool student activities like Dance Marathon and Spirit Week on Fontbonne’s Webpage!

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