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Fontbonne University

Rachel – Gettin' Out of Tennessee

by Fontbonne University on October 17, 2008

in New & Future Students

As a senior in high school, I knew one thing: I wanted to get out of Tennessee for college.

That was my goal.

Out of the blue some school in Saint Louis whose name I couldn’t pronounce – Fontbonne University – contacted me about a series of open houses for incoming freshman. Missouri wasn’t Tennessee and I knew Saint Louis had great shopping, so I agreed to take a day off to school to come to an open house. I was nervous since I knew no one in the state, but excited to see what they had to offer.

Upon arriving at Fontbonne, my mother and I were greeted by many smiling faces of people who I have now come to know very well. The tour of campus was excellent; I loved all the older architecture and stone buildings! It was great to see other students who were interested in the school and see current students walking around campus.

The part I was most interested in, besides meeting people, was getting to see a dorm room. I was impressed by the size of the rooms in St. Joseph’s Hall (now I call it “the Joe” like everyone else on campus)compared to other colleges I had toured.

Meeting the staff was so reassuring; it was good to know they were as excited as I was and would help me make the transition from high school to college. Getting all the information I did at once at the open house was a little overwhelming, but it also helped me understand the whole picture of what my life at Fontbonne would be like. It was nice to be able to really see myself at a school and think it was the place for me.

And now I can say, I wouldn’t change a thing. Oh, and we have open houses coming up all through the fall – check them out.

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