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Fontbonne University

Mary- Realizes The Importance of Voting

by Fontbonne University on October 30, 2008

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This year’s election has been particularly exciting. The fact that I’m a college student during one of the most monumental elections in history is exciting just in itself. It has been so awesome to see young people passionate about something as important as an election. I think this election, more than any other before, has made an incredible amount of young people realize the importance of voting. The idea that we have a part of our future is something that I think has really gotten everyone going this year. Being in St. Louis has been especially awesome. Having the Vice Presidential Debates next-door at Washington University was so exciting! I have a lot of friends at Wash U and many of them were able to attend the debate. It was awesome to hear about it from the viewpoint of someone who was actually there and seeing how passionate about they were was just as great. This is the first presidential election that I can vote in; there is no way that I wouldn’t take advantage of that. So many issues will affect our future and the world we live in. I think it is everyone’s responsibility to get out there next week and vote. This will all be a part of our future, so why not?

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