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Fontbonne University

Mary Alice-Makes Friends Her First Day

by Fontbonne University on October 22, 2008

in Campus Community,Organizations, Activities & Events

           On move in day, there was music blasting, people everywhere, and cars packed with stuff.  There was so much excitement! I am from Louisville, Kentucky; I was scared that I wasn’t going to make friends that fast at Fontbonne, but boy was I wrong.  The first night I was already up late talking with the girls who lived across the hall!  I now know all the girls that live on my hall, and I know or at least recognize everyone that lives in the dorm.  I know I have made friends here at Fontbonne that I know I will keep for a lifetime. 

            I have met so many awesome people here at Fontbonne.  When you walk around campus there is always someone you know.  The staff at Fontbonne really cares about you! Here you aren’t just a number, your professors know your name and recognize you out of the classroom.  To me, it’s very important to know my professors on a personal level.  The faculty and staff are always checking up on you making sure the transition is going well for you or to just make sure you are having a good day. When you walk by someone whether you know them or not, it makes you smile or wave.  It is just such a friendly and welcoming campus.

            Living in the dorms has helped me meet so many new people.  Everyone always has their door open when they are in their room, so when people can just stop and say hey.  There is always something going on in the dorms whether it is movie night, just hanging out in someone’s room, or there might be a planned activity by one of the R.A.s.  There is always something going on campus too.  One example is the Griffin Gang, a new club that started this year; the goal for the Griffin Gang is to promote school spirit.  They go to many different sporting events and get decked out in our school colors, purple and yellow.  They lead cheers and are there to get the fans excited about the game!

Learn more about the Student Organizations, like the Griffin Gang, and Residential Life on the Fontbonne webpage!



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