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Fontbonne University

Liz – My Major is Priceless to Me

by Fontbonne University on October 17, 2008

in Academics

I am an Elementary and Special Education major at Fontbonne because I strongly believe everyone has strengths and that these strengths should be recogonized and valued. Every person comes with a story and their own unique gifts and life experiences. Knowing this about the children that will come into my classroom, I look forward to planning exciting lessons that children can relate to their lives. How I came to the field of education I don’t know because I feel like I have always thought of it. I enjoy helping anyone, especially children, find things they are good at no matter what. I know everyone has strengths and can be successful, but it will be my job as a teacher to help all students have the opportunity to do so. Celebrating individual successes, even if they seem small is important. Every child has something to offer and should feel valued and respected. This is why I want to go into teaching. I want to be a person a child knows truly cares about them and wants to support them achieving their own goals.

Ideally, I would want to work including children with disabilities into a typical general education elementary school setting. Another job I would love is working specifically with students with disabilities in a elementary or secondary school, teaching them ways they can be successful through not just learning content, but also study skills, and self determination skills as well. In both of these cases I would be helping students help themselves and feel successful.

Helping someone feel successful can’t happen without getting to know a person. Really getting to know someone is important in many ways but especially for me going into education, that is how I am going to best prepare to teach and learn from my students. At Fontbonne, I have really seen the power of someone recogonizing a gift one possesses and how opportunities that one is provided can really make a big diffference and strongly impact one’s life expierences.  Through service trips, leadership opportunities, and even simply time for conversation, I have learned how valueable each person’s story is and when we take the time to really learn about each other that is what makes a world of difference. Going into education is exciting and also it’s a little scary to think I’ll be out of college in May but realizing that I am grounded going into a profession is priceless to me.

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