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Fontbonne University

Liz- Excited to Elect

by Fontbonne University on October 29, 2008

in Campus Community,Organizations, Activities & Events

This upcoming presidential election is very important. I have been really excited to see so many young people getting involved and bieng informed! One way students can still get informed before the BIG DAY next Tuesday is by going to SEBA’s What’s Your Take event at noon in DSAC this upcoming Monday. People representing both parties will be there to answer questions you have and it is a great way to again get more information. Another thing I will be looking for is the presidential information the Post Dispatch will be putting out there, again to just see what the candidate I will be voting for and the other candidate say about important issues I care about. Also, I was glad to see a Rock the Vote event on Fontbonne’s campus that brought some more people to register or change their address in order to vote! Overall, I would just say this election will be SO IMPORTANT and very influential for many reasons but especially in this time in our country and in our world. GET OUT AND VOTE TUESDAY!

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