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Fontbonne University

Libby- From Barely Packed to a Perfect Fit

by Fontbonne University on October 22, 2008

in Campus Community,Our Causes

The night before I left to go to start my first year of college at Fontbonne University, I wasn’t even finished packing. Not only was I worried about forgetting something, but the thought ‘I’m really starting college’ wouldn’t leave my mind. I had heard college was fun but hard work, but I didn’t really know what else to expect. Thankfully Fontbonne was the perfect fit for me.

I was attracted to Fontbonne for many reasons. One was the size. I come from a small town of 12,000 people and my high school graduating class was 106. I knew I didn’t want to go to a large school where I would get lost in the crowd. The size has been great because my classes are small and my teachers know me by name. My faith is very important to me so I knew I wanted to go to a school with a Catholic identity. In high school I was involved in Campus Ministry so I was excited to join the college Campus Ministry and I’ve met fun people through that. I think the main reason I came was because of the highly regarded Deaf Education program. When I told people in my family that I chose Fontbonne and planned to major in Deaf Education I always got the same response, “You chose the right school for that!” Already as a freshman I have gotten experience in the field that I will be majoring in. One of the most convenient aspects of this school is the location. Everything is so close that if I wanted to walk I could. My hometown didn’t have that many places to go but just a few minutes from campus is Forest Park, the Loop, and my favorite Ted Drewe’s Ice Cream.

It has not been hard making friends in an unfamiliar city. I live in St. Joseph’s hall and usually everyone’s doors are open and you can pop in anyone’s room and get to know people that way. Some girls and I have even started cooking meals together in the kitchen in Medaille. I also met more people through orientation where we got to do things like play laser tag. I’ve also gotten to go to the City Museum for free.

My favorite transition from high school to college has been not having to go to classes for 7 straight hours. I thought in college I’d have a lot of free time, well, I was wrong. I have more homework, tests, and reading assignments now, but it hasn’t been too hard to find time to get all the work done. Between homework, class, work study, and club activities, I am still able to find free time, or time to do laundry.

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