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Fontbonne University

Andy- Wants To Own His Own Business

by Fontbonne University on October 22, 2008

in Academics

My major is business administration with a concentration in management.


I first started out wanting to do sports medicine and then I moved into accounting.  After taking two classes, I decided that it wasn’t a right fit for me.  At the same time, I was taking management classes and I enjoyed those much more.  I like all of my instructors in the management field and they are always there to answer my question, which is weird.  Everywhere I look, they are right there waiting to assist you.


The reason I chose management is because I am looking into becoming a manager at my work and eventually owning my own business.  I currently work at Sam’s Club, and I was going to look into the Manager Training program after I graduate.  If I become a manager, I would want to save up enough money for a couple of years, and then open up my own sports bar with a few people.  I want to know the feeling of owning something that is yours and having someone come into your place of business and saying they are looking forward to come back.

Check out Fontbonne’s Business Administration Department for all the fields you can go into!

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