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Fontbonne University

Andrew- Discovers Fontbonne Spirit!

by Fontbonne University on October 27, 2008

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As a Freshman, I didn’t know exactly what to expect from Spirit Week. Fortunately, the school provided a kind of schedule for me (and all other students with Fontbonne e-mail addresses, I’m sure)! Monday morning, on the way to my first class, I noticed a little yellow and purple note hanging on the door to the second floor of the science building, where I go five times a week for two different classes. It pointed out that this week was in fact Spirit Week. Right then and there, encountering that note, was the beginning of my Spirit Week! But the events didn’t really kick off until Tuesday really, when free Pointers Pizza was offered in the DSAC Caf‚ so long as you were wearing some kind of Fontbonne attire. Unfortunate for me, I missed out on this since I had a busy workload for this week, but I was certainly reminded by a friend who had the good luck to attend. I had my shot at redemption that night, though, when the Griffin Gang (Fontbonne’s very own team spirit squad) had a tail-gating party prior to the Girl’s Volleyball game. While others face-painted and got ready to cheer, I got my own copy of the Fontbonne Spirit Week shirt. I must admit, I really love how much free clothing I’ve gotten here! Come time for the game, the Griffin Gang marched in gloriously, with me leading the way and Gang member Mike Horn riding on my shoulders in full face paint. Our match versus Principia was a close one, each game neck and neck until the end. Unfortunately, we lost the match, but it was still a good show nonetheless.

The following night, Wednesday, Fontbonne hosted its first lip-synching competition. The gist of this event was to bring in some music and put on a good show by lip-synching, while preferably in costume and dancing. The turnout wasn’t huge (I myself stayed behind to do homework), but YouTube now hosts evidence of an absolutely hilarious show, or so I’m told. Mike Horn, the one who had rode into the DSAC’s gym the night before on my shoulders, walked out of the DSAC that night with an extra 50 bucks, having split the other $50 of prize money with his partner in crime, TJ. It was a good show by all, for all. However, I should also mention Fontbonne’s Green Town Hall Meeting earlier that day, too; while not an official Spirit Week event, this meeting did have a large turnout of students and faculty who were interested in helping this campus add green to its purple and gold. There were a lot of good ideas here, and I think it should be recognized that this, too, is its own show of spirit.
Thursday, the only event was Super Hero Trivia in the early afternoon at DSAC. I missed out on that one, but I got my own special display of Spirit. Thursday was my 19th birthday, and I’ve honestly never felt so much warmth on my birthday before. A few minutes past midnight into Thursday, a bunch of people from the dorms came up to my room and wished me a happy birthday. I was shocked and I was thrilled. The entire day continued on like that, with people wishing me happy birthday sincerely even though we had only known each other a few months. It was this show of spirit more than any other that made me feel like Fontbonne was my home. Finally, Friday ended the Spirit Week. The campus was decorated with balloons all over for the open house event, which didn’t really apply to me. And because I had a cross country meet to attend the next morning, I didn’t go to the Mystery Masquerade, Fontbonne’s dance event.

Over all, it was an exposing week. To play on words, this week wasn’t a show of Fontbonne Spirit; it was a showing of what Fontbonne Spirit means. This week showed me that Fontbonne is a community dedicated to its members, dedicated to its environment, and dedicated to fun. Fontbonne spirit is about making people feel welcome, about being conscientious of the decisions we make and the impact of those decisions, and about having a good time all the while. Hey, I’m okay with that! Go Griffins!

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