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The Balancing Act

by Courtney on February 9, 2014

in College Life

I’ve recently come to the hypothesis that every college student is a circus performer. That is, while in college, one is balancing school, work, friends, family, and extracurricular activities. Up until this year, biology courses have dictated my life, meaning that my schedule was set. I’d go to school during the weekdays, come home to read countless chapters and finish assignments until I fell asleep (either in my books or in my bed – whichever was closer at the time), and spend the weekends catching up and attempting to get ahead.

However, this year is different. I’ve finished all of my required biology courses, so you’d think it’d get easier to balance out my schedule. Wrong! I’m actually finding it harder to do so. I’m working a lot more this year than I ever did before, so that means that most of my free time at school is devoted to tutoring and that I spend half of my weekdays in the lab, where it’s hard (sometimes nearly impossible) to get any studying or reviewing done, even during lunch breaks. I’ve been getting home later in the evenings due to work and classes, so, by the time I get home, it seems pointless to crack a book since I’ll literally just fall asleep as soon as I open it. Therefore, my homework is, once again, pushed off to the weekends.

Do I like this new balancing act? It goes both ways. I love having the opportunities to tutor and work in the lab more, which is something that the past three years didn’t give me a lot of time to do. And I am finding that I have more free time on the weekends to catch up on taped television shows. On the other hand, though, I miss the order and schedule that enveloped my life for the past three years. I’m definitely a scheduler – you should see my planner – so I miss knowing exactly how every day would be. I guess this year is a good experience in spontaneity, though it’s hard figuring out how to spontaneously plan out my days.



Work Work Work

by Holly on December 9, 2013

in College Life

I work at Potbelly Sandwiches in downtown Clayton. I was so excited when the company finally expanded to St. Louis. Their food is DELICIOUS! But it comes with a price. Don’t ever work at your favorite restaurant, because you will get so tired of the food. And unfortunately, that has happened to me. And as a college student in an apartment, naturally making minimum wage isn’t quite cutting it. So. I am becoming a Certified Trainer, which will give me about a dollar raise, and from there I will become a Shift Lead making $11+ per hour. But there is one thing still on my mind: my job has absolutely nothing to do with my major. Even a job in retail would be more relevant to Advertising than food service is. And it’s not like I absolutely LOVE my job, so should I consider switching to something else? My dream job (for right now, until graduation) is to work at Crate and Barrel. And I think I am going to look into that. I guarantee I’d make more than minimum wage, and I’d be doing something I actually love: displays and looking at furniture all day. I haven’t been with Potbelly for too long, but what’s the harm in finding something better?



Family Time

by Lizzie on April 23, 2013

in College Life,In Saint Louis

Good afternoon!

I hope everyone had a nice, relaxing weekend. One of my favorite things to do is spending time with family. During my childhood, my uncle was always taking all of us out for fun. What I mean by “us” is our group which includes me, my twin sister Mary, our brother Anthony, and our cousins, Lena, Amy, and Long. It was always the six of us with our dear uncle, Loi. Things changed dramatically for us in the past 5 or more years. Last night was one event that brought us all together again.

Now, we all live in St. Louis, but Long and his family moved to Illinois a few years ago. Every now and then, he would drive back to visit us. I guess you could say we all became a little distant, but when chances come we hang out like we used to.

Back to the point! Yesterday, Mary and I went to work and didn’t plan on doing anything special afterward. Long called me and asked if we were still barbecuing (I was really happy to hear from him because it’s been a long time). I asked surprisingly, “We’re doing it today?!” Long said, “Yeah, that’s what Uncle was telling me.” Man, I was pretty excited! I told Mary as well, so we were anxious to finish with work as soon as we could. Unfortunately, we were a little busy so instead of getting off right at 4:30pm, we had to stay until about 6:00pm because we still had customers. Then we headed home to pick up our baby brother, Avin, to come with us (he’s our half-brother from mom and her boyfriend). Mom was cooking some things for us to bring over so we waited until she was done.

We finally arrived to Uncle’s house before 7:00pm! Long waited as patiently as he could. Ha ha. He also brought his girlfriend, Briana, her daughter Journey, and his friend Sebastian. Yes, Briana is only 17 and Journey is about 4 months old, but they’re both really sweet. :) Also, Uncle’s girlfriend’s sisters were there: Selena, Tracey, and their cousin, Nga. Nice group, eh? And of course, Uncle was busy barbecuing. It was awesome.

After all was done, we sat in the living room and ate. Uncle made three different types of barbecue, spaghetti, and bought a container of mustard potato salad. It was so delicious! Even before then, we all ate my mom’s homemade Vietnamese “crepes”. I honestly don’t know what we would name it in English, but that’s that.

As most of us were done eating except Uncle, my boyfriend Michael also came. After Uncle was done eating, we went downstairs for karaoke! And talk about great singing but also hilarious moments. We sang all night until about midnight! Then we all took some food home because Uncle said he can’t finish it all.

I know that was a looooong blog, but just wanted to express my family memories. Hopefully we’re going to do something again today!

Have an awesome day, everyone.


I feel as though it has been forever since I last blogged! (When in reality it has only been a month) Ever since Spring Break I feel like I have been in hyper-drive trying to get everything done early so I am not stressed out with all my big projects right around exam time!

Over Spring Break I went to Pensacola, Florida which was a lot of fun, and definitely a much needed and appreciated vacation! I had a lot of fun, but once Spring Break was over it was back to reality of classes, school work, working at Orange Leaf and babysitting! Not much has happened other than staying busy. Last week was Spirit Week and because of work and babysitting I didn’t get to participate as much as I would have liked to, but I did get to go to the Cardinals game which is always a lot of fun with the Fontbonne group! Everyone who went to the dance said they had a great time, and the pictures made it look like a lot of fun! Hopefully next year I will be able to do more with Spirit week! Well, time for me to get back to all that studying and projects!


End of Year Stress

by Deanna April 24, 2012

As we only have about two and half weeks left of this year (can’t wait to be able to say I completed my freshman year of college!), everything is beginning to pile up. Teachers are at the point where they are realizing they don’t have as much time left to teach us everything they need/want [...]

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Eventful First Night Back

by Deanna January 19, 2012

Monday, Martin Luther King Jr. day, was our first day back in the dorms. It was very exciting to be back in our own little homes away from home, and great to see everyone as well. Just after I got back from the DSAC for dinner, my work called me in to close, so I [...]

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Thanksgiving Work

by Allison November 28, 2011

Thanksgiving break came and went in the matter of a snap. I had a long list of things I needed to complete over the five days, but now I am playing catch up with all my school work this Monday and Tuesday. It’s fine with me though because I spent a lot of my time [...]

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Library Story

by Alumni Posts October 21, 2011

My first year at college, I attended a massive state university (I’ll bet you can guess the one). In the first semester, I had to learn a valuable lesson in focusing on studying that involves the library. Seeing as how I’m taking an online course right now about information systems at Fontbonne, I started thinking [...]

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