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When the Night Falls, We See the Star of Wonder

This is a bizarre feeling. I came home this weekend and realized that the only homework I have to do is study for my finals that I have next week and complete my last homework set for chem. I have a bad feeling, though, that I’m going to abuse this “free time” that I seem to think I have and am consequently not going to get anything productive done…

Well, since the semester (and the year 2011, as well!) is coming to a close, I’ve decided to comprise a list of New Semester’s Resolutions for the second half of the year. Here are a few of the things I have come up with while abusing my free time:

My New Semester’s Resolutions:

  1. Be a better student in the lab. Since I have decided to take organic two next semester, I’ve decided that it would be in my best interest to be a better student while working in the lab. Not only does this entail taking better, more accurate data, but it also means numerous other things as well:
    1. Not spilling hydrochloric acid (it was dilute…) all over my legs (I don’t want to have to sit with my legs in the sink again…embarrassing!)
    2. Not spilling distilled cloves everywhere
    3. …Not spilling things in general
    4. Not tricking people into smelling abrasive substances by insisting that it smells really, really good and they need to experience it for themselves
    5. Not turning any parts of my body abnormal colors

  2. Don’t get involved in things that I don’t really care about for the sake of being involve This seems like a no-brainer, but when you feel the need to get involved in as much as you possibly can, it’s easy to get carried away. Thus, I’ve decided to limit my involvedness to only the following things: blogging, the Fontbanner (I’m sure Dr. Somer will be delighted to have me back on the staff again…hopefully I have time), the Honors Program, BSO (I just joined even though I’m not a Bio major and I’m excited to see what I can contribute), and I really need to join SHESA but have not motivated myself enough to pay the fee to do so (maybe paying the fee should be a resolution in and of itself).
  3. Find a way to train for my first half marathon and my first triathlon all while staying on top of my homework. The only reason why I didn’t do the half marathon in the fall was because training for it was proving to be stressful with all of the homework I had to do. Soooo…training for both of these things in the spring will require a lot of effective time-management and a lot less time wasting. Which leads me to my next resolution.
  4. Stop wasting so much time! I guess I better start on this one now and get back to studying. There’s no time like the present, no?

    Our Christmas tree is up! Our house is half decorated! My mom and sister are Christmas shopping as we speak (so I could have the house nice and quiet to…umm…study, which is exactly what I am not doing!)! That means only one thing: time for me to break out my Sufjan Stevens boxed set of Christmas CD’s! Yes, this is most definitely one of my favorite things about Christmas. As an early Christmas gift, I’ve decided to leave you with both my personal favorite song off of the five different albums (“Star of Wonder”) and my brother’s (“Sister Winter”) for your own listening pleasure. Decide for yourself which is better, and then get back to work!

    Good luck with finals and have an amazing break!


    “Star of Wonder” and “Sister Winter” …both by the amazing Sufjan Stevens

    Let your joy overcome your sorrows!

    First off, I am just shocked by how fast this first semester has flown by. And it’s been a great one. There were some things I wished I could have been involved with, but maybe next semester will pay up for that :)

    There were also many things that I’ve learned and enjoyed. In my classes, I learned about mythology, design, art history, and drawing. I’m already an artsy person but I increased my skills and intellect. For events, I think the International Bazaar was the best. Or the Balloon Race before that. The Shalom House volunteer event was pretty inspiring, too. Oh, I loved the Adoption Panel as well. Basically, I’m just SO so so happy to have been involved!

    So, I wish everyone a great and merry winter break! Keep yourselves warm and cozy, play snowball fights, and stuff up on food!

    Happy Holidays :)

    Week 3: No Classes!

    Usually when people talk about the weather, it’s an awkward filler conversation. In light of our recent “snowpocalypse,” however, I think it’s actually an appropriate topic!

    First, I’d like to say that I’m not impressed. Hahaha… Coming from Rochester, NY, this “snowpocalypse” (a huge joke of a term) has been far from the blizzard-y end of the world to me. I’m used to 6 inches of snow over the course of a few hours, for days at a time. To be fair, Rochester is used to that kind of snow, so we have the infrastructure to handle it; our roads are designed to cope with ice and snow, and we have a fleet of snowplows like no other.

    But, minimalistic meteorological performance aside, I still enjoyed Fontbonne’s snow days! The campus shut down early on Monday, and remained closed both Tuesday and Wednesday. I appreciate it for a few reasons: first, I’m glad they did not encourage students to drive in these adverse conditions. Much like St. Louis can’t handle snow, neither can its drivers. Without the wintry training that drivers like myself have, I wouldn’t trust you to navigate icy roads! But second, and more awesomely, Fontbonne’s cancellations gave me a week of no classes! My evening classes Monday were cancelled; no classes were held Tuesday and Wednesday; Thursday, my one class was already canceled because the professor was out to a conference; and I have no Friday classes this semester. Awesome much? Absolutely.

    Guess I’ll have to prep myself this weekend for classes again! And hopefully, hopefully things will start warming up now!

    My First Snow Day

    Getting back in the swing of things is always rough. Monday mornings come every week after a nice relaxing weekend. I can handle Mondays though. The first day of the spring semester however, is a little harder to get use to and accept. Coming from San Diego’s seventy degree winter to snow in St. Louis has been a difficult transition for me. A transition that has been met with layers of warm clothes and never-long-enough warm showers.

    The first week of class began on a Tuesday, leaving a brief 4 day week. It was going to be a easy week of syllabus reading and book buying. I do not have class on Friday so I was looking at a 3 day week to start the semester off. I didn’t think it could get any easier, but it did. A big snow storm Wednesday night decided Thursday’s fate. Snow Day. This was the first snow day I had ever experienced. Boy was it great. Sleeping in, sledding down, and relaxing around. I had fire weeks and earthquake scares growing up, but never a snow day. St. Louis weather really stepped it up during this storm, dumping over 5 inches of snow. It was the most snow I had ever seen at Fontbonne, turning campus into a winter wonderland. My make shift snow boots and pants might have made me an amateur, but I conquered the slopes like a great Snow Day King. My rein was short lived.

    The roads were cleared, school continued on, and the snow is now beginning to melt. However, the memory it has left will live on. A memory of sledding down every hill I could find, throwing snowballs at my girlfriend, and making a sled ramp with my roommates. Thank you St. Louis for completing my childhood.

    Back to the Griffin

    Welcome to Spring Semester 2011. For me, it’s a semester of Biology, Chemistry, Microbiology, Calculus, and Public Speaking. Although it will be challenging, I think I’m ready for it.

    Being a freshman, this was the first time I had ever been treated to a month long Winter Break. And, it was the first time that I had absolutely no homework to work on over the break. As I’m sure you can guess, my break was chock full of catching up on television, going to the zoo with friends (yes, a friend and I saw the Wild Lights exhibit, which was totally awesome), volunteering at my high school, being surprised by an old friend who invited me to the Trans-Siberian Orchestra, and just taking a breather from school.

    So now, here we are, in the year 2011 back at Fontbonne. Most people would say it’s back to the grind for us. I, however, would like to say that it’s back to the Griffin.

    Fontbonne’s Christmas Around Campus

    I attended the festival with my 2-yea- old daughter and 2-year-old cousin.  I have to say that we enjoyed every aspect of the festival. They were fascinated by the huge glow balls that you could climb into. It was freezing out but we still partook of the petting zoo and the carriage ride. The chilli and hot chocolate were superb. The entertainment was endless and I could barely pull them from the train. Kudos to Fontbonne for the celebration of winter. There was perfect weather for the event.   thank the committee for setting this up so perfectly. It was enough to tire the 2-year-olds, they were out like a light.