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Over the weekend, my friends and I took a break from studying and took some pictures on the snow!!

Even though it was freezing cold we managed to take great pictures of Fontbonne.

Stay warm!

playing in the snow

The Science Building



I stood by the window, waiting for the stage manager to call places.  I just stood staring at the football field below, the field was so beautiful, so pristine, is there anything more perfect than the freshly fallen snow?  I could stand and stare at a field of snow all day.  What makes it so mesmerizing?

I grew up in Wisconsin; snow was an everyday thing.  It was something I never thought twice about.  Something I never thought I could miss so much.  Since we moved to St. Louis, I began looking forward to the first snow each year — more so than I did Christmas!  However, the snow here is not the same as the snow back home.  I think that is why a fresh field of snow brings me back home so easily.  Snow all looks the same and it’s not until you touch it that you realize its different.

In Wisconsin a great way to get around is by snow mobile.  I used to love watching the snow mobiles racing alongside the cars.  It was a rarity to find a fresh field of snow untouched by the tracks of a snow mobile or preyed upon by the snowman-making hands of children. I remember as a child it was like finding a buried pirate’s treasure to find a field of snow that hadn’t been touched yet!  It was a hunt!  I never had a second thought when I pounced on the fresh snow, now it is such a blessing to me.

I was so lost in thought that I didn’t realize my cast had gathered around the window with me.  We were each lost in thought.  I wonder what memories this fresh field of snow brought to them.


On Friday Fontbonne was closed due to the snow we had on Thrusday night.  While most of the Fontbonne students went back to sleep after receiving the cancellation notice.  I was up and awake at 5:30 am in order to go to my internship.  By 6:30 am I was eating my breakfast.  I decided to give myself plenty of time (50 min to be exact) to drive all the way to St. Charles.  After letting my car warm up for 10 min, I started my drive to Breeze Park Lutheran Senior Living.  Surprisingly the roads weren’t that bad, but people were driving carefully.  I arrived at 8:15 am. Luckily, I got out of my internship at 12:50pm. The only thing we did was to decorate the main dining room with Christmas decorations.  The residents loved it!!


Fontbonne students and all the St. Louis residents, be careful this week because the real winter is approaching. According to KMOV.COM, “the ice, snow [is] hitting St. Louis area today.” We will have continued snowing this Thursday, Friday and Sunday.

Fontbonne students please check your email, because our school already sent an email about snow schedule. If you want to receive future text messages about classes on snow dates, please sign up here:

Personally, I really love snow because it’s so pretty, but I need to be aware about snow days because it would be dangerous for driving and walking if there is ice on the street. I am hoping everyone can keep warm and stay safe this week, especially since this is our finals week. Drink some hot chocolate, tea or coffee when you study. Good luck with finals in cold weather.


Snow Day!

by Lizzie February 22, 2013

Hello everyone! Wow, isn’t it a beautiful day today? Aside from the scary ice and snow hanging around, I hope everyone is warm and safe out there. It was pretty unexpected to have a day off, but at the same time, it was also expected. Anyways, I was able to sleep in a little more […]

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Snow Day!

by Deanna February 22, 2013

Today, Thursday February 21st, Fontbonne (and just about all of Missouri) had a snow day! Although I never have classes on Thursdays this semester, it was still great because none of my friends did either! It has been a relaxing day around campus for everyone! A lot of us caught up on homework, watched movies, […]

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Snow Day!

by Conner February 22, 2013

My first official college snow day is today! Although I only have one class today to be cancelled, but I still spent some of yesterday evening glued to the TV as a ten year old would waiting for snow cancellations. Campus wasn’t actually closed until 5:30 this morning, but what a great message to wake […]

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Welcome back!

by Alumni Posts January 25, 2013

It’s crazy that winter break is already over. It seems like just yesterday I was walking out of my last exam, and now it’s 2013! A part of me just cannot believe how fast time is passing. But I’m excited for this semester, and I feel it will be full of a lot of surprises. […]

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Crazy Weather

by Alumni Posts January 23, 2012

So how are we all making out in this wild ride of weather? One day it’s nice and sunny, and it almost feels like you can wear shorts, then the next, it’s below freezing. I thought we had it bad when we got the little snow that put the highways in gridlock, but just the […]

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When the Night Falls, We See the Star of Wonder

by Alumni Posts December 5, 2011

This is a bizarre feeling. I came home this weekend and realized that the only homework I have to do is study for my finals that I have next week and complete my last homework set for chem. I have a bad feeling, though, that I’m going to abuse this “free time” that I seem […]

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