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It’s hard to believe that the holiday season came and went so quickly. It’s even harder to imagine that I’m finally back in school working through my final semester of my undergraduate education. Before we jump right in to the semester, though, I’d like to share some of my favorite photographical memories from this past winter break.

Posing for a picture with Dad and Cocoa Dixie before opening presents on Christmas morning!!

Gearing up for the 2014 Cardinals Baseball season. Spring training will be here before we know it!!

Taking a break from skating at Steinberg with an old friend. (And Thomas, for the record, I was skating – I was NOT just going off your momentum!!)

Attending my first-ever St. Louis Blues Hockey game!! It was a great time despite the incident revolving around the spilling of the 32-ounce soda I had just purchased at the concession stand. I’m just so happy I bought the refillable cup!!



So close!

by Deanna on November 26, 2012

in Academics,College Life

What has seemed like the longest, most difficult semester of my life…is finally coming to an end! As my final day of Thanksgiving break is beginning, I am realizing that once I get back I only have two weeks left! That’s just crazy! Although two weeks is a short time, I do have a lot to get done within that time, so I can’t be blinded by how close winter break is, I need to plow through the rest of the work and not just quit! Even knowing the amount of work these next two weeks are going to be, I still find it hard not to be excited. After I finish my final exam on Thursday December 6th, I will have five weeks of no classes! I’m sure after about two weeks it will begin to feel too long, but five weeks off sounds great right about now!

Winter break is so close! … Yet so far…


I always love the beginning of a new semester because it’s a chance to start new and fresh. I like getting all new classes, it really makes learning more interesting. The long winter break was definitely refreshing and readied me for this new semester. Waking up for my 8 AM class however, wasn’t too easy. But I know with time it will get easier, hopefully. With this new semester I hope to try harder in my classes, eat healthier, and work out more. Hopefully I can keep up with my new semester goals! I’m also hoping for some snow this semester! So far we’ve had a pretty mild winter, and I’m kind of hoping for maybe a snow day or two, but we’ll see how that turns out. :] Overall I’m excited to be back at Fontbonne and to have an awesome second semester! Good luck to all my fellow students! :]


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Last Blog of 2011

by Alumni Posts on December 7, 2011

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I can’t believe I’m writing this, but this will very likely be the last time I blog in the year 2011. It really does seem like I started school just a few weeks ago, and now we’re already halfway through the school year!

As I wrote in my most recent blog, this semester has been challenging, rewarding, and surprising all at the same time. I feel very accomplished due to everything I’ve learned. Organic chemistry, though not as terrible as everyone says, did make my semester-long ride a little bumpy at times, but I feel as though the lab techniques and problem-solving skills that I acquired from that class will benefit me greatly in my future profession. I loved how all of my classes this semester were directly tied with my major; I was almost always able to clearly see the correlation between my classes and what I want to do with my life (which, as I’ve said countless times, is biomedical research).

I’d better get back to studying for my cell biology final exam. I’ll be taking it in approximately 14 hours from now.

Have a great Winter Break, everyone, and I’ll see you when we return in 2012!!!


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