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Why Fontbonne?

The question many people ask….Why did you choose Fontbonne?

After years of being undecided, while attending a community college I finally had a light bulb moment! – Fontbonne University “Learn more. Be more.” Its like that universal commercial, you can’t help but know the slogan – and this message speaks volumes. Fontbonne was always a lingering thought, simply because it was a more diverse option in all aspects. I like that there is a wide variety of personalities, all ages – all walks of life. Watching students and faculty on campus was motivating in a sense because I saw so many people do exactly what I yearned to do myself ….continue education.  My story is short and sweet – but not quite complete.  I was always interested in the dental field in forensics (Odontology — I know, right? that’s one big word to apply to a profession.) Being hopeful was not enough; I needed common drive and a network I could identify with. I saw these qualities in the students here at Fontbonne, and I began to ask questions like “what are you majoring in? …how do you like the intructors?…what career goals do you have?” – these were all asked while I was an employee within the Fontbonne community. Once I began to see more student activity and become a part of alumni events, I was convinced that there is a such thing as learning more and being more!!

You know that old saying ” ya’ learn something new everyday”….I am a firm believer in such a simple saying. While observing and taking notes among the population here on campus, I  learned that everyone has commonalities. Consider those you least expect to share great moments with – they also have a story to tell and an impression to contribute. Fontbonne was the choice for me because I became comfortable with my decision knowing that there are so many DIFFERENT people willing to help you succeed to become a better YOU!


Finally. My second chemistry test of the semester is over with, and I think it’s safe to say I did well on it. At the last minute my teacher announced that it was open-book, and naturally, I didn’t have my book with me. (Great.) I had to speed-walk back to my room (not an easy task in a dress), but I managed to make it back just in time.  The test was pretty easy and I’m especially glad that I don’t have to waste any of my free time studying chemistry this weekend. On another note, I noticed that all of my fellow bloggers seem to have posted about why they chose to go to school here at Fontbonne, so I suppose I’ll do the same.

Why did I choose Fontbonne? Honestly, I didn’t. Fontbonne kind of chose me, based on the amount of scholarships they decided to tempt me with. SLU was my first choice throughout my senior year since that’s where my older brother goes to school, and SLU was the reason why I took the ACT four times in one year (once with the Swine Flu, thank you very much) in order to get my score high enough to qualify for the Presidential Scholarship. Of course, I didn’t get a qualifying score until after the qualification deadline. So basically, my dream of going to SLU was kind of crushed.

Looking back on it now, I’m glad I’m not at SLU, despite the fact that they have a PT program and a bigger variety of places to eat. I think it would be harder to be an individual at SLU—for some reason I feel like all of the girls there look very much the same, and that’s not really who I am or who I want to be.

While my first semester here was pretty rough because I had a much more difficult time transitioning from not living at home than I thought I would, I now feel really comfortable at Fontbonne. I’m finally getting more involved, I make an attempt to dress up for every class, I try to get out more, and I love how I’m finally establishing my identity. I know my professors, and I’m pretty sure none of them hate me. My dad tells me about the “stadium” classes he had at Rolla, and I’m happy to say that I’ll never have to deal with those here.

So even though I won’t be able to start working towards becoming a Physical Therapist until grad school and I’ll be eating dinner in the cafeteria as I do every night, I’m glad I’m here. If I ever get sick of it, though, I’ll just go over to Wash U and pretend that I have enough money to go there. Ha.

Have a blissful, chemistry-free weekend!



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