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Why Fontbonne?


College Student

by Sarah on November 9, 2014

in College Life

If someone were to ask me “Why did you choose Fontbonne?” I can honestly say that I do not have the same answer as I did last year.  Going back to senior year of high school, I know that I was not too fond of having to make another big life decision for myself.  I was comfortable with my high school routine, minus the early morning wake-up call each day for carpool.  But really I was unsure of where I wanted to attend and all I could really think of was Fontbonne or else Avila University in Kansas City, Missouri.  Fun fact actually, both Fontbonne University and Avila University are sister schools.  In addition to the uncertainty of choosing a college, I was still unsure of what major I wanted to study!  Stressful time for a high school student, which for sure I was shown how much more I could be stressed out as a college student.

When it came to the prime factors of choosing where to go to school I had certain personal requirements: 1) Close enough that I can be a short drive away, so not more than a six hour drive 2) Hopefully somewhere other classmates of mine were attending as well so I could know people on campus 3) The college had to have my current interest of major to study [[special education at least at the time]].

Though as the months were coming to an end I choose Fontbonne University because I began to actually take an interest in Speech-Language Pathology since I had previous received language therapy as a kid for a language disorder and learning disability.  Sadly Avila University did not have that specific major.  Also, since I did not really want to leave my home life just yet, I was able to have a win-win in the end.  I have been happy with my choice of living at home and going to school as a commuter.  Sure there are those up-and-down moments where I may feel disconnect from some of my classmates that do live on campus.  But when I make an effort to hang out with classmates outside of class time or off campus even, it makes everything else disappear in terms of doubt.


I can’t believe I’m vastly approaching my senior year at Fontbonne! It feels as though I was opening my acceptance letter yesterday. Before I graduated from high school in 2012, (By the way, I am a proud alumni of University City High School… class of 2012… woot! woot!) I had several offers from schools in the area. I went to go visit every school that I was accepted into and I enjoyed every school that I visited, but Fontbonne had something about it that I needed to be a part of. Fontbonne was the only school that met every single requirement that I had on my checklist. Here’s what that list looked like:

*Had my major

*Close to home

*Small class size

*I could live on campus

*Faith based

*Offered me a GREAT financial aid package

*Wheelchair accessible

Now don’t get me wrong, the other schools I visited were awesome institutions; they had a lot of things to offer me as a perspective student but it was important to me that I was more than just a student who got a degree, I wanted to go to a school where I would do more than just graduate, I wanted to be somewhere that I enjoyed myself outside of the classroom and a place where enjoyed learning and growing as a person. As a student at Fontbonne, I feel like being a part of the university was part of my God given purpose and I’m blessed to have been placed in such a fabulous place.


Hey Fontys! I’m back! I know when you’re at a family function or talking to a staff member on campus, you probably have been asked, “What are you going to do after college?” And if you’re like me, you’ve had your life planned out since you were five. If not (and you’re lucky that you’re not), you probably don’t even know what you’re going to wear to class tomorrow. This post is about showcasing our future plans after Fontbonne. So, here are mine… After I get my degree in Communication Studies with a minor in Sociology, I plan on apply to University of Missouri-St. Louis in Criminology to begin my career as a crime reporter for the city of St. Louis. After I’m settled in my career as a reporter, I plan to start an organization for homeless citizens where they will be able to move into an apartment below the org office and get help with things they struggle with, such as addiction, completing their education, budgeting, and housing placement after they complete the program. I also plan to write a novel series for teenagers. In between that, (I know… there’s more… ), I wanna get married, have kids, and build my own home. My degree from Fontbonne will not only give me great academic tools to start my career, but I can also use Fontbonne’s rich history of service to inspire me to continuously give back.


Fontbonne was my only choice. I was going to have a back-up school but then I was accepted here. I love the small class sizes along with the attention I receive from teachers. Also the fact that all of the buildings are so close together makes it easy to get to each of them in the winter. I wanted to have the experience of living on campus and away from my folks, and I just wanted to do something different.


Why I Chose Fontbonne

by Lauren October 20, 2014

I wish I could say that I sort of stumbled upon Fontbonne. In actuality, Fontbonne University had been mentioned to me by a lot of different people that I knew. My teachers, friends, my friend’s mothers, my mother’s friends, all spoke highly of Fontbonne. I expressed my concern to them that I wouldn’t be able […]

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Deciding Factor… Fontbonne

by Alumni Posts February 6, 2012

The question many people ask….Why did you choose Fontbonne? After years of being undecided, while attending a community college I finally had a light bulb moment! – Fontbonne University “Learn more. Be more.” Its like that universal commercial, you can’t help but know the slogan – and this message speaks volumes. Fontbonne was always a […]

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Did You Do Your Best Today?

by Alumni Posts March 4, 2011

Finally. My second chemistry test of the semester is over with, and I think it’s safe to say I did well on it. At the last minute my teacher announced that it was open-book, and naturally, I didn’t have my book with me. (Great.) I had to speed-walk back to my room (not an easy […]

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