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Windshield Time

by Conner on July 8, 2013

in Extracurricular

July 4th. One usually thinks fireworks, swimming, barbeques, and other festive things that occur outdoors. My holiday weekend was anything but the usual. I spent a long weekend in Gainesville, Florida. However, looking back, I think I spent more time in the car than I actually did in Florida.

My sister is planning to go to college there in January, and this was her first trip down to look at the school and the town. We started the 13 hour drive on Wednesday night, and drove straight through to Florida. I think I stayed awake keeping the drivers entertained until about 4 or 5 in the morning. The windshield time only increased from there. Once we arrived, we drove through the school’s campus and the surrounding area scouting apartment buildings. After dinner, we were all so tired and went straight to bed. The next day was filled with more driving, this time to various apartments. After looking at the grounds and 4 bedroom/4 baths they had to offer, it was back in the car. Florida heat is much more humid and dense than the heat here at the moment, so the air conditioning was the only thing I was enjoying about the car. My legs ached. I wanted so badly to just walk anywhere!

On the third and final day in Florida we left after  lunch, and began the long drive back home to Illinois. I finally did get to do one of the things I hoped to do on our trip. Shop! After driving about 4 hours, we stopped at an outlet mall. I treated myself to a few new pairs of sandals at ridiculously low prices! A great dinner followed, but then it was back to the car to finish the drive. I stayed up and drove until 4 in the morning, and we finally made it home at 6. It was a nice weekend, but I will sure be glad not to spend so much time in the car this week.

Only 8 more weeks and then back to Fontbonne! I’m so anxious to get back to the school I love (and one that isn’t a 13 hour drive away)!

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Alumni Posts


by Alumni Posts on April 2, 2012

in Extracurricular

Over the weekend, I had a friend tell me that when you live simply, unexpected happiness surprises you out of nowhere. Sunday, I left everything that I really needed to do, like laundry and some reading homework, aside and jumped in the car with my friend. At that moment, I had no idea where we were going, but I started to drive. As we were headed down Big Bend, I decided to turn on to 44 West. An hour and a half later we were in Rolla. It was so nice to get away and to let all my stress go. I did accomplish one thing that has always been on my bucket list: shoot a gun. It was a 22 rifle. On my very first try, I hit one of the three cans. I had the biggest smile on my face and on the inside, I was jumping up and down dancing. I was so proud of myself. We came back a little later that night and passed out in a snap of a finger because we were so exhausted from being outside all day long. A day I will never forget.


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