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Hey Griffins! As we all know yesterday was election day. It was my first time being able to vote and I took my opportunity. I feel that it is important for young people like us to vote. It may or may not affect us now but in the future it will. And, most likely it will affect our future children. This election was so close, I got worried that the candidate I voted for was not going to win. I also thought it would of been tied. Overall I was pleased with the election and knowing that I took a stand on who I want to run this country made me feel good. I believe it is important for everyone to vote. People back then fought for the right to vote and now people do not understand why voting is so important. It is very important, every vote counts. So I’ll leave you with this, be educated on the candidates and register to vote. We have the privilege to vote, why not use it.


Hey I just wanted to remind everyone that the mid-term elections take place next Tuesday, November 2, 2010. No matter what political party you may be a member of, it is important that you exercise your right to vote. My advice is to take some time out and study those things that are important to you in this election and then make your voice heard by casting your votes. See you at the polls!

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