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All Alumni Reunion Party

by Sara on October 14, 2014

in Campus Community

Volunteering at Fontbonne is one of the best ways to give back and a great opportunity to meet new people! This past Friday I was a volunteer for the All Alumni Reunion Party.

I arrived at 5:15pm, The Caf’ was looking really nice with decorations in gold and purple; and some special decorations in silver and black to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the Class of 1989.

However, the decoration was not fully finished. I had the pleasure of lighting up the candles that adorned the room and then when the lights were dimmed The Caf’ looked like a completely different place.

I had the opportunity to meet several ladies that graduated many years ago, from the class of ’55 to the class of ’89 and many others. They were all happy to be back at Fontbonne, seeing each other and also seeing how different the university looks now.

I would like to encourage everyone to look for volunteer opportunities, there are many organizations on campus that need students for special events; andit is a rewarding experience!

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Hello Everyone,
Diversity week is this week and tons of activities have happened! We had a Fontbonne for Justice Event where the Fontbonne community was asked to wear a hoodie as a sign of support for justice for Trayvon Martin. Bollywood Dance lessons were given, and we did One Day Without Shoes for children around the world whose normal footwear was NO footwear. The most recent event was an Interfaith Student Panel to discuss the different religions that are right on our doorstep! More is still to come this week! We have a cookout, different discussion panels, and more. A blood drive was scheduled for this week, but is now April 25th! So don’t miss out on saving some lives with a small donation. This week, the event I participated in was One Day Without Shoes. Besides the dining hall (for sanitary reasons!), I walked around campus in my bare feet. I prefer no shoes, so the challenge was not too difficult. My toes were kind of cold in this crazy weather, but I definitely appreciate the fact that I have the option to wear shoes to protect my feet while others do not have a choice. Diversity week is an eye-opener to many students because it brings up multiple facts about life such as the poverty, discrimination, and different outlooks on life. Also, during this week and sometime after, numerous drives are happening. Fontbonne has a denim drive, diaper drive, and old clothing drive in preparation for Fontbonne Day, our day of service. I am excited because that means no school AND you get to participate in helping the community. I will be at the Open Door Sanctuary for animals, but tons of other volunteer opportunities are available that day and any day really. Volunteering is a great way to step out of your comfort zone and experience something that will help others. Keep all of this in mind when you are “bored.” Fontbonne is always posting something around campus for the community to partake in!


It’s easy to get caught up in yourself when you’re in college.  I need to study for my test.  I need to meet up with my friends to work on some homework.  I need to grab some lunch before my class.  I, I, I.

With all of the stresses of everyday life, it’s sometimes hard to remember to help out others and give back to the community.  This past Saturday, I was honored to be among the Biological Sciences Organization’s members who played a game of soccer with a group of people from the ARC organization in Tilles Park.  (For those of you who are unfamiliar, ARC is an organization that provides sports and other activities for people with physical and mental disabilities.)

For those of you who’ve read my past blogs, you’ll know that I’m probably one of the least athletic people out there.  I’ve never before played an actual game of soccer.  So when the opportunity to play soccer arose, I signed up cautiously and with a bit of intimidation.  However, when we arrived at the park, the people from ARC were so welcoming and kind that I completely forgot all of my past inhibitions.  I was truly happy to be there.

We started out with some warm ups, which included jumping jacks and running toward the big oak tree at the far end of the field.  Then, we separated in to two teams, and the game began.  My team lost, but it was still a great time. 

This experience was definitely worthwhile.  I was able to hang out with my friends, make some new friends, and give back to the great Saint Louis community.  I strongly encourage anyone and everyone to check out ARC or to get involved with whatever it is that you’re passionate about.  I can assure you that it will be totally worth your time and energy.


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