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First Semester So Far

by Dani on February 6, 2015

in College Life

The moment I stepped onto the Fontbonne campus for my first day of classes just four, short weeks ago, it felt like a homecoming of sorts. The old, brick buildings, and even older trees, spoke of strength, endurance, and a solid foundation on which to continue to build my dreams and goals. Everyone I met on campus, from professors and administrators, to café workers and fellow students, seemed genuinely happy to be here. The small class sizes are a major bragging point at Fontbonne with good reason. The professors are able to help each and every student without sacrificing quality or quantity. As a fine arts major/psychology minor this set up is invaluable. Every professor that I’ve met so far fosters an environment of free thought, expression, and creativity that cannot be equaled anywhere else. I’m so grateful for the opportunity to study here and can’t wait to see what else is in store this year!


Dani S.


My first few weeks at Fontbonne have been AMAZING! I am from St. Paul, Minnesota and transferred to Fontbonne this semester from the University of Minnesota, so I am a long way from home! I got accepted to Fontbonne last spring, was granted a generous scholarship, and then everything just fell into place! I couldn’t have chosen a better place to come!

The people here (staff, faculty, and students) are all so welcoming and approachable; if I have a question about where to go or how to use my meal plan, or what clubs to join, someone is always right there willing to help! The Resident Assistant (RA) on my floor has given me great advice, helped me with things around my room, and even convinced me to join the tennis team here at Fontbonne! If you have a question and someone can’t answer it right away for you, they will send you in the right direction to someone who can and that is just one of the many things I love about Fontbonne.

Another subject I want to touch on is orientation. During the first couple days here before classes started, freshmen and new students participant in orientation events such as small group meetings, trivia night, and plenty of ice-breaker games. One orientation event was the “Catch the Fire” Ceremony. I won’t go into too much detail about it and spoil it for perspective students, but it was such an amazing event that united the entire new student body at Fontbonne and allowed us to learn about the rich history of Fontbonne, listen to great speakers, and, well, catch the fire!

I am so excited to begin my journey here (and to be here during the winters rather than up north in Minnesota)! Although I have only been here for a few weeks, I can already tell that Fontbonne will become my new home away from home.


I took this photo on the day I moved into my dorm at Fontbonne.

I took this photo on the day I moved into my dorm at Fontbonne.



A challenge for me would be getting to where I’m at today. I’ve had a few road blocks in my life. I have a math learning disability which made it hard for me to try and get my AA degree due to passing a high level math course at the community college. I tried year after year since the fall of 2008 to pass my may courses. I passed one but couldn’t pass the other. That was the time that I hated going to school. So I decided to transfer here because I could get a lot more help than I could at the community college. When I completed my first day here at Fontbonne, I felt happy and accomplished.


Transitioning from a junior college to a university is not as overwhelming as it would seem. It is a lot more hard work than I thought it would be, but I’m up for the challenge. I’ve had two tests this week and next week I have two papers due. First time for everything, right? School work may be piling up, but I certainly have time for campus activities.

Over the weekend, I saw Grant Lyon in the DSAC. He was hilarious. I was in need for a good laugh and he made me laugh a lot. I did not think he was going to be funny, but he sure proved me wrong. Then, the next day, saw one of my favorite movies of the summer! The Avengers was so good. My favorite are Iron Man and Captain America. Finally, on Sunday, it was my first time that I went to the Missouri Botanical Gardens. It was so pretty and interesting. I learned a lot about different fruits, vegetables and plants. Another good week at Fontbonne.

Until next time.


New school year, new school

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Hello, Griffins and future Griffins! My name is Corie and I am a transferred junior here at Fontbonne. I am from Plainfield, Illinois. Plainfield is about an hour south of Chicago. I usually tell people I am from Chicago because no one knows where Plainfield is located, so Chicago is easier. I like to spend […]

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Deciding Factor… Fontbonne

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The question many people ask….Why did you choose Fontbonne? After years of being undecided, while attending a community college I finally had a light bulb moment! – Fontbonne University “Learn more. Be more.” Its like that universal commercial, you can’t help but know the slogan – and this message speaks volumes. Fontbonne was always a […]

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Allow me to Reintroduce myself!

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Hello All! Marsha here, SUPER EXCITED about the blogging experience.  I am currently an enrolled transfer student here at Fontbonne studying to earn a Bachelors degree in Social Work.  Some of you may know of me as a familiar face (I previously worked in the kitchen, Ryan Hall location).  As a newcomer, I am anxious […]

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The life of a transfer student

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MiRita- Planning for Vegas

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When I think of spring break, I instantly think of my birthday because usually they go hand and hand. This year however, when I transferred to Fontbonne, the dates changed to the week before my birthday. Big bummer. So my plan is to work twelve hour days and do some side jobs babysitting, in order […]

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