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The Magic House

Did you hear about the Magic House Event? It’s an annual reunion event for Fontbonne Alumni and their families. I just signed up to be a volunteer for this event to welcome all the Fontbonne Alumni. I was so excited to join this event because I have never been to the Magic House since I thought it was a museum for children.
However, I was wrong because I really had so much fun there with all the volunteers, staffs and our alumni. My job in this event was to be in charge of the snack bar for our alumni and their family.  We offered chips, water, and juice for all the people who were hungry and thirsty. Isn’t it sweet?

A lot of alumni brought their whole family- children, grandparents, nieces and nephews to join this event together.  I met one of my Fontbonne’s instructors who brought her husband and daughter to join this event. I was so happy I saw her family to celebrate this reunion together. During this event, Fontbonne’s “mascot”, which is the cutest “Gunner”, was the popular one. I can tell every kid loved our mascot and want to take a picture with our Gunner.

Although the Magic House is a children’s museum, it a good place for a family event. They provide hands-on education equipment and materials for children, parents and all ages. Visitors can learn something via playing together. It is a really unique museum for everyone who wants to have fun with friends together. Here is the link if you’re interested:

I’m hoping you’ll have fun there.



This past week I have felt so encouraged by my friends, my boyfriend, and God. I feel so loved every single day. With it being Valentines day this week, so many surprises came my way. For one, my boyfriend surprised me by sending me flowers. It totally made my day, even though I couldn’t be with him on Valentines day. I have felt that lately God has been helping me strengthen my relationship with him because I am sure he knows I have been unsure about my faith. Without these people plus my family I would be lost and I am glad they are all close to me, except my boyfriend since he is in Colorado. This week has just been perfect, I hope more weeks like this come more often. I know God is on my side! I am excited about this weekend because I am volunteering at the Magic House. One of my favorite places in St. Louis. Also I am going to be busy writing for the Fontbanner but I am very excited that I can be a part of a great group of people.


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