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Helpful study tips

by Mary on March 6, 2017

in Academics

For me I have had different study habits each year that I have been a student in college because for me it is based on what classes I have at the time. I used very different study habits when I was in religion class freshman year as compared to sophomore year when I was in Chemistry class. It has also changed based on where I live. When I lived on campus in Medaille I studied mostly in my dorm room on the weekends when I had upcoming unit tests. I would also sometimes study up on the third floor of AB when I was preparing for a Chemistry test because I could bounce questions off of my classmates. So, if any science majors read this article I would suggest studying up on the third floor of AB with your fellow classmates. Sometimes last year in the evenings if I had a really big test coming up in one of my dietetics classes or chemistry, I would study at one of the big tables on the second floor of the library.  I also found this as a helpful space to study last semester for a few of my classes even as a commuter.

Another major tip that I was given my freshman year was, if you have a major test to study for you should turn off your phone while studying so that there are less distractions.  There were a few times last semester when I would work in the library and I found this very helpful as a way to be productive.  Some people are just so attached to their phones and it can be good to turn it off even if it is just for an hour, then you can turn it back on.  An additional helpful study tip that I can think of if you are studying for a large test is to take time to make study cards either online or in index cards right after you learn the vocabulary. This way you can start studying them right away and study a chunk of the cards at a time, so that you are not cramming at the last second.  I know I found this to be useful last semester when I was in biology because it is a course with a lot of vocabulary terms.

I hope everyone does well on their midterm exams or final exams if you have an eight week class that is ending and I hope these tips are helpful.




study tips for midterms

by Claire on March 6, 2017

in Academics

Midterms. Halfway done with Spring ’17. With spring break just around the corner, midterms are in full-swing on campus. Some of my favorite study tips include:

  1. Make time to go outside and enjoy nature when it is nice out.
  2. Do your homework as early as possible and start studying a little bit each day for tests, so when it comes time for the night before a test, you aren’t cramming everything into one night.
  3. Stick to some vitamin C for your energy, not sugar drinks and coffee.
  4. But do take the time to relax and have some fun.
  5. Start on projects and papers early because everyone knows how there is that one day that every assignment seems to be due on.

Just take it day by day and soon enough midterms will be over and spring break will be here!! We are almost there Griffins, hold on tight!





It may seem that you just unpacked all of your new clothes that you got from your parents at Christmas and reorganized your folders for second semester, but guess what!? You are already half-way through the term, and that can only mean one thing: Midterms! Although, midterms can lead some to a breakdown, mostly due to the lack of sleep, large amounts of coffee, and stress- please be rest assured that you can most certainly survive midterms, and get straight A’s! Here are some of my tips for the most productive study sessions:

1.) Don’t Cram. Do not wait until the night before your chemistry exam to open the book, keep your planner handy. Start to map out some forty minute study sessions through out the week before the exam.

2.) Skim. Sometimes, when we see the daunting list of things to know for the exam, we want to read the book cover to cover. However, reading every word can be a waste of time, instead, focus on main ideas, headings, footnotes, and the course syllabus. Make an outline for the chapters, that way you keep focused on the main topics.

3.) They say Silence is Golden: sometimes silence is golden, and sometimes it’s not. Know how you study best, if there is a review session provided by the professor, or a group of your classmates are meeting up to go over the subject- do not be to quick to say no. The extra minds might help you more than you think! However, if you aren’t attending a study session, find a quiet place where you can stay focused and uninterrupted.

4) Disconnect. You would be amazed to see how much you can accomplish when you are not checking your phone every five minutes. Shut down your technology to not be tempted to check twitter, or snapchat. Let your friends know that you won’t be responding for an hour or so, to limit distractions.

5.) Gift of a Break: Keep in mind that a 12-hour straight study session won’t do anything but make you crazy. Instead, break up your study sessions with ten minute breaks. Leave your study spot for a little bit, refill your water-bottle, or get some fresh air. The break may be just what you needed to clear your head and refocus.

These are my trips and tricks to help myself get the grade and I hope these help you too! Side note, I would just like to say that notecards are highly underrated. Notecards are my go to study technique for any quiz, or test. Do not be afraid to go back to the basics and find out what works best for you!

Happy Studying~Cecelia


Midterms, the time where you see people filling the library and are stressed to the max.  But, don’t fret! I am here to help you pass all of your tests with these few helpful tips!

  1. Find a study buddy! Having someone that you can compare notes with and help you come up with study shortcuts will make the test so much easier!
  2. Take regular study breaks! Filling your brain with all that information will overload it.  Take short breaks throughout the day to give yourself a break.
  3. Make a plan! Do not wait until the last minute to cram.  Study small sections everyday leading up to the exam.
  4. Test yourself! You may think you understand the information but try putting away the notes and testing yourself or have a friend test you.  It may surprise you what you may not fully know still.
  5. Find a marker board! This may sound strange but I have a small marker board that I use every time I have a test to write out chemical structures or definitions.  It helps test myself and saves paper!

Good luck on all of your tests! You’ve got this!

 meme midterm



Study Tips

by Patricia March 1, 2017

Because I have moved on campus, my study areas have changed. Before I moved to campus, I used to study in my bedroom. I have a computer on my desk, and I put my backpack next to it. Before I had night classes, I studied most on campus before I would go home. As of […]

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Hey Y’all!

by Jessica February 16, 2017

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! Do you like music? I do. I listen to it for fun, I listen to it to help me study, and I listen to it to daydream about my stories. “Why should I care?” you ask? Well, you probably shouldn’t. I just wanted to share some music with you. Today, I’ll […]

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Welcome to Spring 2017!!

by Claire January 31, 2017

Getting back to Fontbonne Fonties! It has been a cold start to this Spring Semester. With the fourth week of school in motion, this semester is already flying. After this week, we  will be 1/4 of the way done with the semester . . . crazy! I have a few tips for getting back into […]

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by Jacey January 30, 2017

“When I was in high school, they used the word ‘beefy’ to describe someone who was muscular or really built. I’ve never heard it used in the way you’re using it,” my dad told me as I ranted about my classes for the spring semester. ‘Beefy’ is how my Language Disorders teacher portrays our text book. […]

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It’s Game Time!

by Yuri November 7, 2016

Even though I’ve played sports all my life with friends, I didn’t “officially” play a sport until high school. My sport was football. But the sport that you play doesn’t matter unless you have a great selection of music to accompany it. And naturally when you play football, you listen to Hip Hop/Rap and Hard Rock […]

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Fall Break Fun

by Anna October 6, 2016

Fall break is just a few days away, which means we are halfway through the semester!  Wow!  That doesn’t seem possible.  As much as I enjoy coming to campus for classes each day, breaks are also really nice because they give everyone a chance to breathe, regroup, maybe enjoy some free time with family or […]

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