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There is nothing more satisfying at the end of a semester than hearing Christmas music practically everywhere you go, shopping malls filled with door-buster discounts, food cooking away on the stove by your parents or grandparents, family coming together, snow falling on the ground, and being able to put your feet up! Why do I say such things? Because it means I have made it through another semester of college. Literally, I survived!

Sure I have finals after this coming week, and basically three finals all in one day, though finals are nothing big or something to freak out about. For finals, since I know that  I write notecards for basically each and every one of my previous tests in the semester, I pull out those notecards and review. Along with using notecards, I will also make sure to have a study group with friends in my class and spend time studying. Whenever I make a study group, it is more likely that I will actually get things done in relation to studying or working on a project for the final.

It is very important to make time for studying whether one may like it or not. But think about it: we are just studying for FINALS, not new information. That is the best part, so make sure to show your stuff and prove to your teacher that they taught you new things this semester as well as prove it to yourself. You can do it each semester, you made it to college anyways, so prove it to everyone around you! All things are possible.



Well, it’s that time of year again. It’s the time of year we dread because of finals, but we also look forward to since it means winter break is coming up. Finals week and the week before finals are always stressful for college students. The pressure of doing well on finals is always a heavy burden students carry on their shoulders. I have a couple tips that might help you get through finals week a little easier.

1. Don’t forget to sleep the night before a final. I know college students feel that they need to pull an all-nighter before the day of their final so they can soak up all the possible information that might be on their final. While it sounds like a good idea, a good night’s rest is honestly more important. Sure you can stay up a little later that night and wake up a little earlier on the day of your final to do some extra studying, but there is no need to stay awake for 24 hours to study for a final. It’s all about managing your time and pacing yourself to study for finals a week or two ahead of time so you won’t have to pull an all-nighter the night before the big day.

2. It’s not the end of the world if you don’t get that perfect score on your final. It will bring your grade down, but your life isn’t going to end because of it. You will still have your friends and your parents will still love you. Once you get your grade back for your final, there is nothing left for you to do, so you just have to accept what you got and move on. Don’t let the bad grade ruin your winter break. It’s not worth it!

Maybe these tips will help you during finals week as they will help me!


So, advising week starts Monday (help me… please…). I couldn’t be happier though because that means I’m one semester away from being a senior!!!! I didn’t get to this spot overnight though, I’ve had many late nights and study parties that I don’t wanna relive. Anywho, when I’m studying, I found that I do my best work in the heat of the night (and yes, I mean all-nighters) Now before you guys judge me, I realize that this isn’t the best practice, but it works for me. All I do is put on my comfortable pajamas, tie up my hair, and get to work. Another thing that helps is that I take rest breaks that last 30 minutes to an hour, and during that time I sleep. I like to play music to keep me focused while I’m working, so that way, I can get my daily jam session in while being productive. While I’m on campus, I study in DSAC because it’s comfy and I can get a good meal.


When it comes to the last four weeks of the semester, plus exam week on top of that, students as well as the teachers on campus really begin to slowly stress out.  Whether I like it or not, there are four full weeks till the end of the semester, plus the two full days of this week remaining.  That is not a lot of time, but as a sophomore in college, I have SO MUCH STILL TO COMPLETE in terms of assignments.  There are two full weeks until Thanksgiving Break, and once that comes and goes, there are five full days left of the semester!  That is not a not a lot time.  However, along with everyone else on this campus, I signed up for this mission of the fall 2014 semester, so we all knew what was coming for us.

When this time of the semester rolls around, usually I will hear students say they are so stressed out or just want to cry themselves to sleep.  But in reality, I actually have to admit that I like this time of the semester. I perform at my highest level when I am organized and know my own routine with academics.  Sure, I currently have three research papers, nine hours of a practicum to observe, writing the final report for the practicum and a mound of statistics homework left to do, but it is possible!

As a commuter student, I know that I do not have the opportunity to just go back to my room whenever I want to hide from classmates and study alone, so I improvise.

I can say I do love to study on campus because I have an excuse to be out of the house and away from distractions.  Sure, that doesn’t mean I won’t have distractions on campus but none in relation to family.  I usually prefer to study in the library, where we have multiple quiet study rooms with a table and chairs for just one person to occupy or multiple as a group.  I prefer these rooms, and since there are only four (at least that I know of), it is helpful to come on campus early so that you have access to one, rather than waiting for people to leave.

For those days when I do not have the chance to snag a room, I tend to head over to the Kinkel Center, a larger room for sure but over there are multiple computers, a printer and people I can talk to for varying topics.  Just the other day I had an appointment with the director of the Kinkel Center, Dr. Pousson, over helpful tips with time management and my mound of unfinished homework.  In addition to the director, the Kinkel Center provides multiple tutors for students on practically any subject offered at Fontbonne University.  When a tutor is not currently available for a particular subject, they will make sure to find one right away.

Now for study tips. This is hard for me to say mainly because I know how I work best in terms of retaining information compared another person.  When it comes to difficult material and a lot of it at one time, lately I have been using notecards to write out the information as well as practice taking in the information at the same time.  While I spend time writing down the information, reading the material as I have to write it down, I am studying at the same time.  I can also review the notecards later for more practice.  If a freshman or incoming student were to ask my advice on what he or she could do themselves, I would say to take the time to see how you learn best.  Invest special time in yourself and see what you like most and go from there.  But it is important to make sure and take that time, rather than just cramming last minute, because are you really actually learning the material then?


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