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Good day, Fontbonne!

This week I wish to discuss how I study for exams. For me, the best way to study for an exam is paying attention in class. If you are unable to understand your teacher, then I would suggest dropping the class and getting into a new one. (There are some classes taught at Fontbonne with different teachers teaching the courses. Find one that works in your schedule.) Since I fortunately am able to understand my professors, I can usually give my undivided attention. What teachers say in class is very important. You can read the book all you want, but most likely what you will be tested mostly on is the information that the teacher has presented in class. There is a chance that you will have a class that does not use the book in class. It is always good to read the book regardless if the teacher does not review from it in class. For example, in my Western Civilization Pre-Historty to 1700 CE course with Mr. McCabe, Mr. McCabe tests his students on both the material that was given in class, and what was not touched upon from the chapters in our book. He will often say in class: “Make sure you read the chapter!”.

I have to admit, I do not always read everything for my classes. It is really only when it is mentioned in class that I read outside of class and homework. What has been working for me lately is studying my notes thoroughly, then skim the book for any information that I might have missed. Once I come across something that I realize that I need to know for the test, I read the section over maybe once or twice up to an hour.I feel that paying attention in class and taking good notes are the best ways for studying for a test. Good luck to all of you, and I hope that you have found my tips useful!


I hate to use a quote from a song as a blog title because that seems to encroach on the territory claimed by a fellow unmentioned blogger (cough…Carly), but I’m listening to a live album from Ok Go, and there’s this song called “Last Leaf” that is super cute, so I thought I’d pull that line from it and use it as a title.

…and then I found ten dollars. (That line usually makes a story more interesting, right?)

Anyway, about things taking forever: I’ve learned a rather valuable lesson when it comes to that thing I dread called “studying” in the past week. If you’ve read my previous blog, you know that I started the semester out coasting and the difficulty level of things nowadays are forcing me to switch into all-wheel drive.

So. Studying. I’ve learned that it means reading the book before you get to class, then memorizing your class notes every night when you get home. Not like I’ve actually done this to the fullest yet, but that’s a goal for next week. I’m hanging onto things well enough, but it sure seems like the homework is a lot easier when you actually understand the material beforehand.

Hence, my new motto toward reading and studying is “And if it takes forever, forever it’ll be.” Thanks, Ok Go.


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