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Students for Life

Hello everyone!

The past weekend I had the opportunity to go to St. Agnes Home with the Students For Life and I loved it! This place is approximately 15 minutes from Fontbonne. When we arrive we were amazed that this home for Seniors is very big and very nice, I have to admit I really like its infrastructure. We were only 4 students, but it was enough for the activity we did.

Cecilia, who was the activities assistant, received us with a big smile; she was such a nice lady. She told us about how things worked there and the different activities that they usually do. They have movie nights, they play Bingo, cards, poker, and so many others fun activities. Then she asked us to deliver some Valentines cards that high school students had made. Each of us grab a bunch of cards and we went to different rooms. I had such a good experience talking with these people. Some seniors just receive the card with a smile and a thank you, but with others I could have really nice long conversations, and I really enjoy it. They were all happy about receiving this little detail. It is amazing how this simple activities can fulfill our hearts.

I had a good time, and I hope I could go again this semester!

Have a nice week everybody!





Students for Life hosted a movie night of sorts last Wednesday. The movie was Dead Man Walking, a critically acclaimed film based off of true events undergone by Sister Helen Prejean. Sister Prejean is played by the talented actress Susan Sarandon. Sean Penn plays Matthew, a convicted murderer who seeks Sister Prejean’s guidance.

I had seen the movie once previously, and remembered it as an emotional experience. I have had the “death penalty conversation” numerous times with close friends, family members, and teachers. It is always a touchy subject–of course, why wouldn’t it be–and it is not a surprise that so many people are unwilling to talk about it. At the very least, Dead Man Walking opens up the conversation and makes it virtually impossible to ignore.

Sister Prejean constantly struggles with her position. Matthew has asked her to be his spiritual guide, providing Sister Prejean with a moral dilemma. As you watch the film, you become more attached to not only Sister Prejean and her plight, but to Matthew. If you have not seen the film, you might be confused and surprised–how could you side with a convicted murderer?

I spent most of the film trying to decide my feelings. Where did I stand on the issues presented in the film? What would I have done if I were Sister Prejean? Would I have had enough courage to even meet with Matthew, to accept his calls? The only thing I was sure of when the movie ended was that I wasn’t sure. The death penalty is complicated. It is not black and white, but severely gray. That is precisely the reason why it is so hard for so many to organize their thoughts on the matter.

Among 32 other states in the U.S., Missouri has the death penalty. If you have not seen the film, I strongly encourage you to watch it and to start the conversation.


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