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Hello students and prospective students,

I had a very nice meeting tonight with my colleague, Lottie Marie Page, regarding the “re-start up” of Fontbonne’s LGBTQ Alliance for Respect and Equality (FLARE). After having difficulty managing to run FLARE last semester, I have unfortunately decided to step down as president. Sadly, I did not do anything for FLARE except attending mandatory meetings for being the president of a student organization. Luckily, I had Jes Stevens to help me out (a lot) by making sure FLARE was still being recognized by the Student Government Association (SGA). So, I give much thanks and credit to Jes for having been a very large help for FLARE. It looks like very soon Lottie will become the FLARE’s president. I was hoping that FLARE would not permanently fail due to lack of participation. I am very happy that Lottie is volunteering to take up the position as president of FLARE. I was so inspired to hear her speak about her history of being involved in Pro-LGBT rights activities during her high school years and her involvement with the Gay Straight Alliance at the previous university she attended. I invite all of you to check out FLARE. Lottie is an excellent person for being the new president. (Thanks, Lottie!)

So if you would like to join FLARE, look for Lottie. She is a nice person and is very passionate about restarting FLARE for the student population. It looks like it is going to be a great semester for Lottie. I wish her all the best!

Hope to see you all at her meetings, and of course, I will support FLARE. Let’s go LGBT Rights!

Happy Beginning of Spring 2014!


I haven’t posted any updates about the Environmental Club recently, so here’s some big news: We’re buying bikes! Biking has always been an eco-friendly way of transport, and now we are providing Fontbonne residents with the opportunity to take advantage of it. We will be purchasing two bikes – one geared more toward guys; the other toward girls, although they should be able to do double duty in a pinch – and residents will be able to check one out by leaving behind a drivers license. And to minimize the environmental impact, we will purchase used and refurbished bikes from a local company. :)

Hopefully this will enable more students to be active and enjoy a “green” form of transportation, so look for rentable bikes at Fontbonne coming soon!

If you have any questions or comments about the bikes or Environmental Club in general, please don’t hesitate to contact me:


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