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St. Louis Zoo

With Spring’s arrival and the number of weeks of college left getting smaller and smaller, I have began to reflect on how my first year at Fontbonne University has been so far, and what advice I might have to others (all you readers out there!). While at Fontbonne, I would definitely urge everyone to get out and enjoy what the city has to offer. Just yesterday I took in the various sites at Forest Park, enjoyed an afternoon snack in Central West End, and finished the afternoon at the zoo. Seizing opportunities such as this is something I would recommend to anyone. On campus, engage yourself in activities and join clubs. There is always something going on sponsored by the Fontbonne Activities Board, and meeting for clubs are held at least once a month. I try to be as involved as my class schedule allows, and have never had a bad time at any campus event. Surround yourself with good people in good places and you won’t regret your years at Fontbonne.

It has come for the time to register for Fall 2012 classes. Yikes. It’s amazing to witness how fast the time flies, and registering for classes months in advance does not make that any better. On the bright side, I am really excited about the classes I plan on taking next year. I would advise future students not to put off any class, and also to incorporate as many classes related to your major as possible. Taking Fashion Merchandising courses this year has surely kept me entertained and engaged!

I feel as though this semester has flown by! Easter break begins here Thursday, and I will be going home tomorrow. I cannot wait to spend more days at home with my family. However, this break, I will not succumb to laziness and will get some work done!


This has been a great week! The weather is finally starting to look like Spring, so my wife and I started off the week by going to the zoo. We visited all of our favorite animals, like the new baby lion who was chomping on a big bone. Kenzi, the baby elephant was adorable as ever. Bert, the majestic grizzly bear was out. They were throwing rolled up bread balls at Bert, and he would sit up on his hind legs and beg for them… so awesome!

Later, we visited the grave of William Clark in Bellefontaine Cemetery just off of I-70. It is one of the largest cemeteries I have ever been to.

On Friday, we went to two art openings. The Varsity Art show at Art St. Louis was great, with paintings by two Fontbonne students, Albert Kuo and Julie Deken! The other opening was the faculty show at Fontbonne! I really think every Fontbonne student should get over to the gallery and check it out!

Today we went to the Fabulous Fox theater for a taping of America’s Got Talent! We got to be in the audience and cheer for the good acts and boo the bad ones! Best of all, we got to see Howie Mandel, Sharon Osborn, and Howard Stern!

Now my wife is out latin dancing with one of her girlfriends while I am at the graduate art studios for some late night painting. I just started the final painting in a series of 12!

It has been a long, but awesome week!


My absolute favorite overall place in St. Louis has got to be Forest Park. In terms of things to do, it has so much to offer, beginning with the award-winning St. Louis Zoo, which I might add is one of just a few zoos across the country that are FREE! They have added a lot of exciting things over the past few years, and they keep doing more. You can never go wrong with a trip here. If you are an early bird like I am, attractions that normally cost are free during the first hour the zoo is open. When trying to take advantage of this deal, do remember that  the zoo has a winter and summer schedule so make sure that first hour is really the first hour.

Just up the hill, you have the St. Louis Art Museum — expansion and new things are going on here too! Did I say it was FREE! Special exhibits often have a free day as well. They have family fun Sundays with special tours and hands on craft activities. And guess what, nobody cares if you don’t have any kids. Art Hill is the place to be for sledding in the winter time and in the summer time… movies right on the lawn on a cool screen with the water fountains as a back drop.

The History Museum has story time on Fridays and Saturdays, and usually in the summer, it offers different crafts and special events. On their lawn in the spring, April-May, and fall, August -October, they have FREE music concerts for all!

There is also the Muny, Dwight Davis tennis courts, raquetball courts, playgrounds, the Jewel Box, Steinberg’s ice skating in winter, beach volleyball in summer. There’s fishing, canoeing, walking, running, biking (w/rentals available), golfing, etc. etc.

Of course I can’t mention Forest Park without mentioning the Great Forest Park Balloon race — everybody that happens to pass through here at the right time should go at least once.

There are some things about St. Louis I wish were a little, but I do appreciate what’s offered here.  What makes it a great place for college students and families as well is the fact that if you’re not too particular about doing any one specific thing, you can often find something fun to do for FREE or at least reasonably priced. There’s even a catalog that you can pick up at the Visitors’ Center in Forest Park that has lots of great coupons.

It’s such an easy walk from campus that soon you’ll be singing, “Meet me at the Muny. The Muny in Forest Park!


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