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St. Louis Fashion Week

A couple months ago, an amazing opportunity came my way. I was offered to be the head shoes and accessories coordinator for St. Louis Fashion Week Fall 2014. As someone that is a fashion major and wants to pursue event planning, this was an absolutely perfect position and way to combine my passions. The past several weeks, I have participated in numerous meetings, helped with model casting, and communicated with designers, Alive Magazine (the producer of St. Louis Fashion Week), and Brown Shoe Company (the show sponsor and shoe donor).

After a lot of prep work, it was extremely exciting and rewarding to see it all finally come together. I was a part of three runway shows. The other events for St. Louis Fashion Week consisted of panel presentations and a gala, which I did not help coordinate. The first show was at Neiman Marcus at Plaza Frontenac. This featured three designers that have collections at the retailer. The second, Emerging Designer, showcased six designer collections, and was a competition for a $15,000 cash prize. Lastly, Designer Showcase, featured Tess Giberson, Timo Weiland, and Yigal Azrouel. All of these designers already have established stores and live in New York City. In fact, they have even been a part of New York Fashion Week.

Emerging Designer and Designer Showcase required the most prep work. This past week, at least 12 hours a day were spent at Union Station preparing the front and back stage areas. It was one of the most tiring, yet rewarding experiences. I met and worked with so many outstanding professionals in the fashion industry, including Elizabeth Tucker, the publisher at Alive Magazine and Fern Mallis, the producer of New York Fashion Week. Also, the director of St. Louis Fashion Week (and the one to offer the position to me in the first place), Shannon Lichti, said she would love to keep me for the shows in the spring. Also, she wants to collaborate on events outside of Fashion Week. It is extremely exciting to know that I have great job connections, especially since I’ll be graduating in May.

Because this whole experience was a dream of mine, it hardly seemed real. Especially when I got a shout-out on the runway. After the final show, I was called to the stage to receive flowers. This was a very special and touching moment. It definitely makes me realize how hard work can truly pay off. Some of my dreams are becoming a reality, and I could not be more eager for the near future ahead of me. STLFW '14


It’s official. I’ve reached a whole new level of “tired”. The past two weeks have just been moving on from one thing to another. That little thing called homework usually gets completed at two o’clock in the morning. I’m not complaining. I’m loving every minute of being busy and involved, but can’t a girl get a solid 8 hours of sleep at least once a week? I guess it’s as they say, “You can sleep when you’re dead”.

With a multitude of things for Fontbonne the week before last, I was ready for a break, but Fashion Week appeared and consumed my entire weekend. It was fabulous! My roommate and I helped out backstage with shows Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. We didn’t stop the entire weekend. Between Fashion Week and Griffin Girls I could barely move by Sunday night. Carly and I made an event of the entire weekend by trying places we’d never been after each show. Corner 17 and Coffee Cartel were two of the spots. We ended the weekend with dinner and a movie (The Bling Ring).

I thought it would be a smooth week with school, and it was, but it was also not-so-conveniently packed with a million things to do. Meetings, events, class, practice, homework. The cycle goes on and on. This cycle was briefly interrupted when I attended The Lumineers concert Friday evening. It was a great show! I got to see one of my dearest friends from back home, and that’s always a plus.  This weekend at Fontbonne was Sibz Weekend. After a wonderful, intense Griffin Girl practice on Saturday, I helped out with Fontbonne’s Cupcake Wars and Magician performance for the weekend. We had a great turnout of Fontbonne siblings! Sunday, the day of rest (apparently), was spent buying food and necessities for another crazy week, followed by loads of studying and homework. Oh, the life of a college student. It may seem crazy, but I wouldn’t have it any other way!

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It’s that time of year again. St. Louis Fashion Week is upon us! The kick-off party was last week, but the first official fashion show took place this evening. Due to school and other wonderful things that keep me busy I could not attend, but I’ll be helping backstage at all three events this weekend. At these runway shows I’ll be dressing models, assisting them with changing during the duration of the event.

This weekend is going to be jam-packed. Between school activities, dance, and helping with the shows I’m barely going to have time to get from one thing to the next. Although each fashion show doesn’t begin until 7 or 8 pm, dressers have to arrive by 1:00. I’m looking forward to assisting with these events. I’ve dressed for various fashion events before, but never during St. Louis Fashion Week. I’ll be helping with “Indulge at Plaza Frontenac” Friday night, “Project Runway Fashion Show” Saturday, and “Style in the Loop” Sunday afternoon. I have my outfits chosen for each event, and they’re all black of course. Dressers and other assistants must wear all black to be easily identified as “help” at these type of events. It can get a little hectic!

Of course I’ll be working all these events with my fabulous best friend/roommate! We’re especially excited for Saturday’s show because we’re fans of the show Project Runway and know all the designers’ work. Between shows we’ll be finding some local places to eat, doing homework, and trying to get as much rest as we can. As fashion merchandising students, we’re extremely grateful to have these opportunities that Fontbonne gives us. It will be one busy weekend full of lots of memories! Whatever we do, we know we’ll “Make it work”!

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Happy St. Louis Fashion Week! This week is a chance for St. Louis to celebrate its vibrant fashion scene. All this week, many exciting fashion events are occurring at various local retailers. One of the events I went to was called Project: Design! Six local fashion designers showcased their collection in a runway show that took place in the amazing Exploradome at the St. Louis Science Center. Each of the designers have a very different aesthetic, so a wide variety of fashions were found.

First, Jessica Affsprung made some cool velvet blazers and dresses. Then, Lauren Bander (whom was the winner) showed a collection full of gold and purple flowing silhouettes. Next, Michelle Sansone put fiercely tailored jackets down the runway and was the only one to feature menswear. Following was Ashley Ulicni, whose collection consisted of poofy, bedazzled ballgowns. After that came Elise Lammert, whom was voted “fan favorite” via Twitter that night. She created outstanding pieces by using odd recycled materials, such as coffee filters. Lastly, Whitney Manney ended the show by bringing the audience back to the ’80s with neon and acid-wash apparel. Personally, she was my favorite, for I love mixing patterns and wearing bright colors year-round. In fashion, it’s very important to take risks!

I loved seeing some of the talent that St. Louis has to offer. I am very glad that I attended this event. It made for a fun night out, a break from school work, and inspiration to follow a dream (just like the featured designers). Each of them stuck to their unique personal style, which is a trait I admire and aspire to.

“In a world where you can be anything, be yourself. “


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