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Fall Fest

I had a good time at the RHA table at Fall Fest. It was a cold night, but it was fun to see everyone celebrating the fall. RHA had a table for decorating cookies. It was a good turn out at the table. It was nice that the cards game was on. I remember last year it was inside, but beng outside was a nice change. There was some pumpkin tables, bowling, a costume table and a few others. There also was two fire pits going so we can all warm up.

Most Wonderful Time of The Year

Now, from my title you are probably thinking “It’s the middle of October, why is this girl posting about Christmas already?!” And since you probably don’t know me, that is a very honest question. But for those who know me know that Red October is my favorite time of year. A fall baseball game is amazing! Especially a post season baseball game being played by our St. Louis Cardinals! I live for those nail-biting games where the Cards wait till the very last minute to pull through for us! They’re so exciting! I was fortunate enough to get to go the game 5 of the National League Division series and see the Cardinals beat the Pirates and advance to the National League Championship! So far they are ahead of the Dodgers by 2 games, but boy can I not wait until Monday night’s game! I love watching these games with my roommates because we all get so exciting and yell at the TV together- it really is great bonding! I just hope we can advance to the World Series and I will be a very happy camper! It’s also fun because they play most of these games on a big screen in the DSAC and being there watching them with so many other Fontbonne students is so much fun because it’s a really great environment and there are so many huge fans on campus! One of my teachers last Monday had the pitch-by-pitch website up so we could be as close to watching the game as possible during class, and it was definitely a fun class! Seeing campus as a sea of red during this time of year is great, and the games are a good way to be connected to others on campus!

Baseball Heaven

When someone hears the words “St. Louis”, there are many things that come to mind. There’s the decadent gooey butter cake, Ted Drewes, toasted raviolis, heck, even the Arch. But to most people,(especially those who live in StL), one thing tends to consistently pop into mind. That being, baseball. Ahh, yes, the Cardinals. And with me being born, raised, and still living in St. Louis, it’s only natural for me to be a diehard fan.

With the NLDS just around the corner, St. Louis is all abuzz. However, it’s not just the fact that most everyone in St. Louis loves baseball, it’s the sense of community that comes with it. I pulled into a gas station not long ago, and heard one gentleman playing the Cardinals game quite loudly in his car. The man pumping gas next to him asked, “Are the Cards winning?!” and the man replied with a “yep!” This kind of thing makes me happy inside. We may all be different people, but we share a passion that is spread throughout the country. Despite our differences, the community we form through baseball brings us together in many ways, and with another playoff appearance by the Cardinals, that sense of unity in St. Louis will definitely become stronger than ever.

Now, with the Cards in postseason play, one of the customers at my work stated, “It sure is a great time to be a Cardinals fan!”

It sure is! But then again, when is it not?

Good luck with the playoffs, Cards! We all believe in you!!

New Perspective

I cannot just pin point one Fontbonne experience that is the best. I have got to experience so much since I have been in St. Louis. I come from small town in Illinois. I would say it is a sheltered community. Coming to Fontbonne has really opened up my eyes. I have a new perspective of life. From going to events here on campus to going to Cardinals game, I have truly seen a whole different view of life. I am learning more about the world than I would have going to another university. I am looking forward to experiencing new things this year and seeing what else the world has to offer!!

It Feels Like a Perfect Night.

I can’t wait for this weekend to start! Today is my 22nd birthday and my mind is blown. It does not feel like I should be 22 yet. Tonight I am going to the blues game with some friends. Which as a birthday present to myself I bought Blues vs. Blackhawks tickets for October 9th. The blues are the reason why I started getting into hockey but I have to love my home town team a.k.a Chicago Blackhawks. Anyway, Saturday I am going to a family party because a family friend is coming to town this weekend. I am so excited. Then, on Sunday I am going to the Cardinals game. Yes, they are playing the Chicago Cubs and I dislike The Cubs very much. The Cubs and The Sox are the only Chicago teams that I do not like. Cardinals fan for life.

I hope all of you have a great weekend! I know I will.

As the weather cools, the competition heats up…

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Well, at least one of them – The NFL Football season is back in full swing, the St. Louis Cardinals clinched a playoff spot, and the steamy days of this St. Louis summer are making room for brisk fall weather. If you’re like me the pinnacle of your week begins Sunday at noon – Fantasy Football! Nothing compares to sitting around with your buddies exchanging un-pleasantries about each other’s hand-picked teams, enjoying a smorgasbord of high caloric foods, a cold bottle of fermented fluid in hand – if you are of age – and watching (hopefully) the St. Louis Rams and your fantasy football team bring home a double-u.

This season, like years past, is full of bone-breaking hits, breath-taking tackles, game-changing interceptions, weird broken plays, epic diving catches, and much more. However there are some new trends this season in the NFL. For one, our western Missouri adversaries – the Kansas City Chiefs – are undefeated at 3-0! I can appreciate that yet they have played subpar teams including the Jacksonville Jaguars, Dallas Cowboys, and the Philadelphia Eagles. Unfortunately the dynasty that is the New England Patriots is still wining at a record of 3-0 even though they lost most of their offensive firepower they have squeaked out a couple victories. In addition to the list of undefeated teams, add the Miami Dolphins, who have surprised many so far this year.

On this side of the state the St. Louis Rams are beginning to struggle. Looking promising in their debut against the Arizona Cardinals we saw a pretty solid defense and a poised 4th year quarterback find his stride. Yet when traveling to Atlanta and Dallas, the Rams couldn’t maintain. Falling victim to an inordinate amount of penalties, highly questionable offensive game plans, and gaps in the run and pass defense, the Rams have fallen to 1-2. I’m no NFL offensive guru but I have to pose the question – How many times are Rams going to try and run screens and dump off passes at the line of scrimmage when our strengths are spreading the field and using the run to open the passing game? The rest of the NFL season should prove interesting as no team – except maybe the Denver Broncos – have showcased their elitism.

Fontbonne Activities

This semester, sooooo many great events and activities have been planned for students. A ton of volunteer opportunities, as well as student activities have been organized to encourage more student involvement, and it is totally working.

I attended World Food Day at John Burroughs High School, with Fontbonne In Service and Hunility, or FISH earlier in October and it was an awesome experience. Basically, the team you are with has a table with stations of different components to add to the food bag as it goes from person to person, an assembly line.  We made enough food packages to feed 3,000 children from a community in Tanzania in about 45 minutes. Here is more info. http://www.stlwfd2012.com/home/about/

The Hunger Banquet was quite the surprise. This event was held by the Community Nutrition course, to help raise money for the Niger Hunger Relief Effort. The ticket was $10, and 100% of that went directly to the Relief Effort, which is a great feat. As for the banquet, I had no ideal what to expect. I was given a green ticket as I entered the doors, which meant I was “middle class,” so I got to sit in chairs. People with yellow tickets represented the lower class and sat on the floor, while people with red tickets were upper class and had the privilege of sitting at a very fancy dinner table. The upper class got a ton of food, real silverware, table cloths, and different drink options with waiters. The middle class got a scoop of rice and a scoop of kidney beans to eat with plastic forks and a tiny cup of water, while the lower class only got one scoop of rice, and no silverware; they ate with their hands. We heard informative presentations, watched videos and heard a lot of scary statistics.  It was a really cool experience.

Yesterday, we went to Soulard Market! The event was organized by Marielle Counts and the Environmental Club and I had never been so it was a really cool experience. I loved it. I wish I had a real life kitchen so I could totally utilize the market more but rooms in Medaille do not come fully stocked with a kitchen. Too bad. There were tons of vendors with fresh fruits, veggies, breads, pastries, jewelry, clothing, soaps,, everything you could think of! No peanut butter though, which I was super excited to buy freshly ground PB. But it is ok because I went to Eckerts Farm for apple picking the next day and I found some there!

Tonight, in honor of October, FAB, Fontbonne Activities Board is showing The Exorcist at 6 and then providing free tickets and transportation to The Darkness, a haunted house. I am not a fan of haunted houses, so I am passing on this one, but it should be a blast for everyone attending!

Also, because of the Cardinals games, they have all been streaming somewhere on campus! So convenient and a great way to share a common interest or the St. Louis spirit with fellow students!

I am so impressed with the events to get students involved and to allow for some fun this semester! Keep up the good work!


Day tour in St. Louis

A one-day trip is FREE in St. Louis?    What’s this for?

It’s a free one-day trip in St. Louis. Because many international students just arrived in St. Louis this year, the Fontbonne International Students Alliance (FISA) plans a day tour for students who are new in St. Louis. We had so much fun because many students have their own mother language, but we only can communicate with each other in English. It’s so interesting, isn’t it?

Last weekend, we started from Forest Park which is a really huge park. Can you believe it? It is 50% larger than Central Park in New York, so we took many pretty pictures over there. Then, we went to the old courthouse which is a really pretty building with many decorations inside. The old courthouse is a part of the Jefferson National Expansion Memorial, and it is just for visiting now, but it used to be used as a courthouse. It was also the largest structure in St. Louis until the Gateway Arch was built in 1965. I bet everyone knows the Gateway Arch which is the most well-know sightseeing in St. Louis. When I told my friends I study in St. Louis, they asked me: “Penny, are you in St. Louis? Oh, I know your arch and Cardinals.”  I’m so proud of our arch and cardinals, since it looks like a symbol for St. Louis.

Then, we went up to the Arch, and saw the whole view of St. Louis downtown, it’s so amazing! We saw the Mississippi River, downtown St. Louis, and cardinal’s stadium. After downtown area, we went to the West End which is a very nice neighborhood to enjoy our lunch. The last part but not the least sightseeing point we went to was the Cathedral Basilica which is the biggest and prettiest church I’ve seen.

I loved our one-day trip, since it’s really an abundant trip to make us know more about St. Louis. Thanks to Fontbonne for taking care of students so much, and also thanks to FISA for planning this trip to make everyone have a beautiful memory here.

Fun/Finals Week, Cardinals, and More

This week was one busy week at Fontbonne. It was my last week of class before finals! This year at Fontbonne has been great, but I am so excited for next week. My roommate and I have decided to make the week of finals “fun week” and do all the things we should have throughout the year when we were too busy doing homework. We plan on going to the zoo, doing lots (I mean lots) of shopping, visiting the art and history museum, and enjoying some of the restaurants St. Louis has to offer. We have mapped out the week and in between studying and finals will be having some fun!

Today I got to go to a Cardinals game! I have been waiting since August to go to the stadium and see the Redbirds play again. Today, me, my sister, her friend, and my roommate went. The game was amazing, except we lost and got terrible sunburns — really bad sunburns! Ouch!

This time next week I will be about to leave to go home for summer. I am ready to enjoy the next three months and not worry about anything school-related. Our floor has been having an “open door” contest since February and I won! Go me! I can’t wait to come back for my second year of Fontbonne, but having a few months off is going to be wonderful. Hello summer!