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Sarah- Dunking Booth for R.A.s

by Fontbonne University April 24, 2009

My favorite Springfest memory would be the dunking booth.  Wouldn’t you love to see your Resident Assistant dunked in a huge pool of water?  I know I would and I DID.  It was awesome, because if I was mad at any R. A. I could take it out in the tank!  Honestly, I wasn’t too […]

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Andy- Campus Turns into a Playground

by Fontbonne University February 10, 2009

My favorite campus event is Springfest. We have this every year, and it is always a great time to get food and free stuff. I enjoy this because it is an excuse to skip class and usually, professors do cancel classes. The food is all barbequed and, it is delicious. They always have games to […]

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