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Spring Weather, Spring Training

by Conner March 9, 2012

I thought I would take this week’s blog to discuss this unbelievably warm weather we are experiencing at Fontbonne. The past couple weeks have been consistently and unusually warm. Spring is on its way and one can surely tell on campus. The dull mood that occurs between the holiday season and spring has been lifted. […]

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Ride A Bike!!!

by Alumni Posts March 6, 2012

Last weekend I brought my bicycle back from home. It is one of those remade old fashioned beach bikes with a basket. I thought that riding would be the perfect thing to do when the weather consistently stays a little warmer then it is now. I am really looking forward to riding it down Wydown […]

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We’re Getting Close!

by Courtney May 9, 2011

It’s weird that we’re so rapidly reaching the end of the school year. I can’t believe that we will be out of school a mere week from today! Though this entire school year has been a great experience, I’d have to say that I’ve been having the most fun in the past few months. I’ve […]

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Spirit Week!

by Marielle May 9, 2011

One thing that I absolutely loved about high school was Spirit Week. The themed dress days, the pep rally, and of course, the Homecoming dance to wrap it up. I was pleasantly surprised to find that Fontbonne has a Spirit Week, too! Of course, this being college, things are a little different. The activities are […]

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Whoa, April…

by Alumni Posts April 20, 2011

Where did April go? Easter break is so late this year that after this three-day week—Fontbonne cancels classes for the Thursday and Friday of Easter weekend—there will only be one more week, which will also be cut short by Fontbonne Day, a day of service but no classes. What this means for students is that […]

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Scary Weather

by Alumni Posts April 20, 2011

Hello, Fontbonne, I just wanted everyone to be alert and be careful with the latest round of spring storms we have coming. According to a lot of newscasters this is going to be very severe and come out of nowhere. Be sure to be prepared to take shelter. I’m not sure how it works in […]

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Fresh and Clean

by Marielle March 24, 2011

Spring Cleaning: some people love it; some people hate it, but it’s hard to deny that there is something in the spring air that makes us want to shake off the dust and embrace the freshness. However, spring cleaning can also be associated with rubber gloves, volatile chemicals, and overpowering smells of ammonia. Don’t let […]

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It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood…

by Alumni Posts March 17, 2011

Yes, spring has finally sprung here in St. Louis and my spring break starts right now! I’m  so excited to finally get out of production mode for a while and soak up some of this seventy-degree weather! What’s even better…I got a lovely surprise of flowers from my husband this afternoon to commemorate this glorious […]

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by Alumni Posts March 15, 2011

I hope for those of you who are not from St. Louis that this strange weather is not getting you down. I will say that the snow yesterday was winter’s last hoo-rah! Spring will bolt in quickly, and we will all be able to pull out our flip flops and put the boots and coats […]

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First Post

by Alumni Posts February 21, 2011

Yay!!! So excited that I am able to blog. My name is Amy, and this is my final semester here at Fontbonne. I’m a history major, and as luck would have it, I only have my capstone class left to finish until I graduate. It has been an amazing week here for the weather. While […]

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