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It’s Tuesday!!!

by Rikia on April 15, 2015

in Academics,College Life

Hello everyone:)

Can you believe we have a month left of this semester?? I truly cannot, but I am happy to say goodbye to this semester! This fall I will finally graduate, 10 years overdue, but I did it. I am so happy to be a student at Fontbonne. My professors, instructors, academic advisor have all been wonderful. This school truly has your best interested at heart and are very involved with your academic success.

I hope you all have positive experiences as well. Have a great week:)



Forest Park Forever

by Abby on April 7, 2015

in In Saint Louis

I know that I’ve talked about Forest Park before, but it is truly a jewel of St. Louis! Forest Park offers so many opportunities (which are usually free!) and is a beautiful place that continues to amaze me. Now that spring is here, I am able to spend more time outside and bike over to Forest Park, right down the road from Fontbonne. This past weekend, I volunteered at Forest Park with a few friends and helped to plant seedlings in the green house! Forest Park is a fantastic place to go to for a variety of reasons: spend time with friends, find peace and solitude, study, explore the art/ history of St. Louis, or to just get outside. I love going to Forest Park for so many reasons and there is never a dull moment there. If you get the chance, ride your bike or take a walk around the sidewalk around the perimeter of the park; it is a beautiful trail and allows you to see the entire park!

See a calendar of events happening at Forest Park soon.

Art Hill

Art Museum



Spring Time

by Sarah on April 7, 2015

in Extracurricular

I realize that I am pretty late for springtime daydreaming, though I think it is not too late to still think about the adventures of spring and summer.  After staying inside all winter, nothing compares to going outside and playing with friends.  When I was a kid I can just remember all of the adventures I would have with my siblings.  We would run around the backyard for hours it felt like, playing volleyball, swinging on the swing set, having a water gun fight, a game of washers, or anything else like that.  Spending time with family or friends is a great way to spend time together.  I still remember a huge water balloon fight that we once had, it was like all over the backyard.  Though now that I am older, I cannot wait to spend more time outside once allergies die down.  Being allergic to so many things outsides does take a toll on the body at times.  So far, I have had at least one sinus infection for 2015 with allergies but that has not stopped me from enjoying the sunshine.  Whenever I am at home and doing homework, more than half of the time, all the blinds are open in the room I picked to do homework, letting in as much natural light as possible.  Then I also take a seat by a window to enjoy the view at the same time.  My desk actually faces one of the windows to nature’s view around me at home.  Though when not doing homework, I enjoy playing dominos on a huge blanket with friends outside.  If it’s in my backyard, then we will leave my dog outside to enjoy the weather with us.  There are so many various opportunities to spend outside in this wonderful city.  Plus if you want to make sure not to spend money, that’s where creativity comes in handy but also patience.  Thinking of something to do on the spot at least for me does not come easily but over time I can think of ideas – Pinterest does come in handy here as well.  But taking your time to explore the city is also important and a great experience.  There are so many attractions to enjoy and experiences to be made.



Being Outside

by Patricia on April 7, 2015

in In Saint Louis

I am really glad that the weather is so nice. It started to warm up during spring break and has continued since. Although it snowed last week and I wasn’t too happy about that, the nice weather has come back and I think it will stay. After all, I don’t think it will snow in April. Fortunately, the weather allows us to do fun things outside, such as going to the zoo. My favorite thing at the zoo is the penguin exhibit.




by EJ March 25, 2015

It feels like almost yesterday that I was laying out, jammin’ out, and studying my heart out on campus. Oh wait, that was yesterday! With an exception to a few evenings, STL weather has been incredible! What is there to do in STL on beautiful days like these!? Plenty.. You can take a walk in […]

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Spring Cleaning Time

by Dani March 25, 2015

Spring is in the air! Even with the ups and downs of the weather (not so surprising for March in St. Louis), evidence of spring can be seen everywhere. The grass is looking greener, trees have buds on them, early flowers have started to bloom, and every store is touting their spring wares. Another seasonal […]

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Five things that make Fontbonne an amazing place to be

by Raven March 23, 2015

Hey Fonties! Welcome back! I hope your spring break was absolutely fabulous (I’m really sad it’s over… can we have a spring break redo?…. No?…. Okay….). Anyway, let’s  jump right into it then. In my three years as a Griffin, I’ve noticed a lot of little golden nuggets that make Fontbonne a great place to […]

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80 Degrees in March!

by Abby March 16, 2015

This past week was Fontbonne’s spring break- a chance to take a break from the craziness of classes, exams, and meetings and have some down time. For my spring break, I made the road trip home back to Minnesota! I was able to see my sisters, my parents, and visit my friends at nearby schools. […]

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Three Day Weekends

by Isabella March 9, 2015

In three days, I’ve been able to emerge from my shell of my residence hall and venture into the artistic delights of St. Louis. On Friday, March 6th, on a whim, I was driving back to campus when I suddenly decided I should pop by the St. Louis Art Museum. After all, on Fridays, they […]

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Spring break!

by EJ March 6, 2015

Spring break means a few things: the semester is halfway over, tanning salons will start making a lot more money, and students get a well needed break from classes… This spring break, I’m going to try something new! Lately, I’ve been all about trying new things and experiencing as much as I possibly can. Why […]

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