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Spring Break

Ring in Spring!

by Joanna March 12, 2014

It’s always about halfway through spring semester, when it starts to get warm again and the days are longer, that I want to be outside rather than in a classroom or studying. But the spring weather can still be enjoyed during the school year. Today, my friend and I took a nice walk to Oak […]

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Spring Break is Here!

by Kristen March 12, 2014

Hello, everyone!  Today I am writing as I scramble to complete homework and travel preparations.  I have much to do because, in a few days, I will be leaving to go on a spring break vacation in… (wait for it) …Europe!  I am taking a short-term study abroad trip with a group from Fontbonne to […]

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Come Sail Away

by Alumni Posts March 12, 2014

In case anyone was wondering, I will be spending Spring Break on the beaches of the Meramec river in Arnold, MO. So basically, I’m just going home. I ain’t mad, though. To be honest, I don’t really have the kind of personality where I can just drop everything, party for a week, and then face […]

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A Few Days Away

by Corie March 10, 2014

Until SPRING BREAK. Not just any spring break. My LAST spring break of college. Say what?! I feel like I graduated from PSHS not too long ago. Though, college has its downs I am really wishing that my last year of college goes slower. The real world is a scary place. I am worried about […]

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Catching Up

by Deanna April 17, 2013

I feel as though it has been forever since I last blogged! (When in reality it has only been a month) Ever since Spring Break I feel like I have been in hyper-drive trying to get everything done early so I am not stressed out with all my big projects right around exam time! Over […]

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One for the History Books

by Carlyn April 8, 2013

I don’t mean to brag, but I just got back from the best spring break ever. I could go on for days describing details about my wonderful trip to New York City. But instead, I’ll highlight just my favorite parts (although it’s very hard to pick). My favorite morning was when my roommate, Conner, and […]

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Swing, and Missssssssss

by Alumni Posts April 8, 2013

Spring break I decided to hit a few golf balls. I never really took interest in the game because my life has always been about basketball, but now that it is over I said heck why not. My boyfriend and I went to South Carolina to this island called Daufuskie. The place is random but […]

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Spring Break- Snowing Break?

by Penny April 8, 2013

Mar 24, do you think it is spring? Probably not for the St. Louis area this year. Last Sunday (Mar24) we got a heavy storm snow in the St. Louis area, and the depth of snow was 10 inches. My friend and I tried to drive to church to join the service, however, it was […]

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Spring Break!

by Lizzie April 2, 2013

Welcome back from our “Spring” Break! I know it started off more like a winter break, but it did get warmer. I hope everyone is doing well, now that we have to get back to our school mode. I can actually say that my break was pretty good. Of course, I worked the whole week […]

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A Much Needed Spring Break

by Alumni Posts April 2, 2013

Let’s just say that last week (the week before Spring Break) was a rough one for me. However, thanks to the awesome support of the Fontbonne Community and my friends here, I have been feeling much better. And I’ve even started going to counseling sessions in Student Affairs with one of Fontbonne’s on-campus counselors to […]

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