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These first few weeks of school have been great. Classes are going well, seeing my friends for the first time in 3 months is amazing, and watching the Women’s Soccer team come out on top for their first couple games is awesome. This school year starts a lot of firsts for me, as it does for everyone. We all have new classes, classmates, and some different professors. Whether we like these new changes or not we are stuck with them for at least these next 6 weeks or the rest of the semester. Each morning when I wake up I think to myself, “Who am I going to see today?”, “How do I want them to perceive me?”, or I think “Do I even care?” For a lot of us college students, I feel like we go through these questions constantly in our heads. Usually in the morning I am left with that question of “Do I even care?” and honestly I guess it just happens to depend on the who? and what? of the day. Who am I going to be running into? and What am I planning to do the rest of the day? Am I going to a nice dinner with friends tonight or am I just planning on working out after my classes?

This past Wednesday I started my first practicum. I was a little nervous going into it, not sure of what to expect. I was assigned to the Central Institute for the Deaf over in downtown St. Louis. I haven’t gotten the opportunity to explore that area of the city yet, so I was excited to be at the specific institution. Because it was my first day it was necessary to wear my business casual attire to my practicum. I wore a dress and flats, which was appropriate attire for the occasion. When I got to the room in which I was staying for the evening I realized that I would have to be on the floor playing blocks and dancing around with children the entire time. The teacher thanked me for being so well dressed, but confirmed with me for future references that I could where leggings and tights with my dresses, so that I could be more active with the activities.

I believe that it is a good thing to be prepared in your nicest and most appropriate attire for the first occasion in meeting someone or doing a new job. It is in that first impression that can make or break you. If you dress up on your first day wearing holes in your jeans and a tee shirt when that is clearly an inappropriate attire for the occasion, then it could reflect poorly on you. It could resonate the question to your employer of “Do they want to work here?” or “Does this person even care about having a job?” You don’t want your employers even be considering those questions. My advice on this topic… always look the best on your first day and set a good first impression. Even set good impressions throughout your semester at that practicum, class, or work office. Be that good looking  example for others and care about how you express yourself to others when it really matters most. Be yourself, but be classy in the way you do it. <3


Good morning!

I just want to say that I’m finally exercising again. Well, jogging to be specific. I’ve always been off and on with my active life but never kept it going. I did a few work-outs at home before (barely even 15 minutes!). In high school, I was pretty lazy in gym class and for laps, I did more walking then running. The coach didn’t bother, ha ha. Surprisingly, I did play soccer during my junior year (second semester). I was pretty okay! Sadly, they didn’t have sports anymore during my senior year so I was back to laziness. Such a shame.

Today, I did some jogging in the DSAC track. I only did 5 laps, but I’ll do them almost everyday when I have free time. Gotta keep in shape, right? I do need to lose a little bit of fat, too. Ha ha!

Try to be active out there! Have a great day. 🙂


Hello all! Today is my first blog EVER! Exciting right?! My name is Ava Johnson and I am a Junior here at Fontbonne University. My hometown is Perryville, Missouri. For those of you who don’t know, Perryville is sort of considered to be a farm town. All the boys in town drive trucks (as well as a many of the girls!) and everyone knows EVERYONE. I graduated from Perryville High School in 2009. I love my small town because you can really count on just about anyone for just about anything. I was really nervous in trying to figure out where to go to school. Throughout my high school career I found that my niche was sports. I played volleyball, basketball, and soccer. There was NO WAY I would be able to quit playing when I went away to school. I was very timid when looking for a university that fit me. I didn’t want to be lost in the crowd and labeled as a number. My best friend is a year older than me, and she chose to attend Fontbonne. After visiting her a few times and taking a tour,  I immediately knew Fonty was my fit! The small community feel drew me in right away. The campus was beautiful, the basketball gym huge, and the class sizes small and personal. I consider myself to be a pretty smart person, and I knew that my main concern about school was academics and then athletics. The teachers and advisers I met with were really nice and made me feel completely comfortable and welcome. Not only were the people and academics a perfect fit, but athletics was too! I currently play for the university’s women’s soccer and basketball teams. I love the competition level as well as the commitment and passion my teammates and I have for the sports we play. Fontbonne has given me the opportunity to expand my knowledge while at the same time, allow me to play the sports I love!

Until next time,

ava 🙂

p.s. Tomorrow we play Westminster Girls Basketball team at 6:00! It’s going to be a great game and we’d love to have more fans there!!


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What a beautiful day..

by Alumni Posts on September 21, 2011

in Athletics

I’m happy to be back blogging again!!  I must say today is a great day.  Days like today are perfect for hanging out on the DSAC patio or in the meadow and maybe add some music in there, too!  The sun is shining and you are just all around happy.  It’s also a great day for soccer.  Tonight the women’s soccer team is playing Westminster on our home field!  So wish us luck, or come out and support! 🙂


New coach, new outcome.

by Alumni Posts November 1, 2010

Last night, both the Men’s and Women’s soccer teams played one of our conference rivals, Webster University.  Starting the game, I had this feeling that it was going to be a victory. We came out and gave it our all: we played good soccer. We ended up winning 2-1, and even now I am still amped […]

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