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Happy snow day, Fontbonne!  Campus is closed for the rest of the day because of the weather, which is turning the outdoors into a white smudge on the map of the Midwest.   Without classes, work, or the ability to drive safely tonight, I thought I’d use my free time to catch up on blogging.  Sadly, my weekend went a little crazy and I was unable to finish a post until now.  Oops! I blame the Super Bowl.

Speaking of which, Fontbonne hosted a great Super Bowl party in the DSAC (Dunham Student Activity Center) on Sunday.  There was plenty of food, including root beer floats, and the game was played on the big screen.  Even though it was a depressing game to watch, it was a fun program put on by RHA, SECA, and Campus Ministry.

Today I’m taking my inspiration from the blog prompt for this week:

What are your goals/expectations for yourself during this new semester? What do you hope to accomplish? Any strategies you can share for getting there?

I’m guessing that many people have set goals for the semester centering around school–like getting good grades–and on getting their lives back in check, such as exercising regularly and organizing.  I think my goals for this semester are pretty basic.  I want to do well in school, be accepted into graduate school, and find an apartment and roommate.  Hopefully these goals won’t be too difficult to accomplish; they are all things I need to do to move on to the next step in my career.

While school comes somewhat easily to me, finding an apartment does not.  And finding a roommate is especially difficult.  You have to choose someone trustworthy, responsible, clean, and who shares at least some of your interests.  Like sleeping at night.  Or using a label maker to organize everything.  And someone who isn’t allergic to peanut butter is a must for me.  So, as I said, finding a roommate is hard.

I have heard the best way to find roommates is to talk to a lot of people.  You never know who else is looking for an apartment and will need someone to live with.  I have also had some people tell me to put an ad on Craigslist, but that seems like asking for trouble… I think I’ll stick to talking to friends.  If there are any other ways of finding roommates, let me know!  I’m open to suggestions.

Enjoy your snow day!


Alumni Posts


by Alumni Posts on December 9, 2013

in College Life,Extracurricular

I loved snow as a kid! Every year the first snow was the greatest thing to happen. I’d go running outside in whatever clothes I had on and catch snowflakes in my mouth and just watch all the snowflakes falling. It was the best. Surprisingly, the first snow of my college career was just as exciting. After studying for two hours straight as soon as I heard my floor mates say “It’s snowing!” I was out of my room with my boots on ready to go outside. We all ran down the stairs, threw the door open and went running out into the snow. We were like little kids running everywhere and catching snowflakes in our mouths. It was the perfect study break. Playing in the snow brings the kid out of anybody. I do not think I can move anywhere where there is no snow. Snow it beautiful!


Fontbonne students and all the St. Louis residents, be careful this week because the real winter is approaching. According to KMOV.COM, “the ice, snow [is] hitting St. Louis area today.” We will have continued snowing this Thursday, Friday and Sunday.

Fontbonne students please check your email, because our school already sent an email about snow schedule. If you want to receive future text messages about classes on snow dates, please sign up here:

Personally, I really love snow because it’s so pretty, but I need to be aware about snow days because it would be dangerous for driving and walking if there is ice on the street. I am hoping everyone can keep warm and stay safe this week, especially since this is our finals week. Drink some hot chocolate, tea or coffee when you study. Good luck with finals in cold weather.


Snow, Snow, and Snow—this weather is not only for St. Louis, but also for most of the states in the middle part of the United States.

Last Thursday, we got a serious snow, the depth of the snow reached my knees, and I couldn’t walk easily even though I wore snow boots. It looks so dangerous to walk and drive. I didn’t have internet for 72 hours at my apartment after the snow. However, it was a blessing in disguise. My friend and I got a chance to make a snowman after it snowed. Even though the weather was so cold outside, I felt so excited to make a snowman with my friend because I’ve never made one. Not like in St. Louis, where there is a lot of snow in the winter, in my home country, Taiwan, we only have a snow on the highest mountain, it’s hard to touch snow and play it.

My friend and I made a hat for the snowman, we were just like kids. Also, we used a carrot and soybeans to be the snowman’s nose and eye. Isn’t it adorable? Actually, the cold weather made my friend’s and my hands freezing, but we still felt excited to make our snowman, since it was so much fun. After a half hour, we made a very cute snowman finally, but it looks like a puppy. We named him Carben ( Carrot+ Soybean). You might ask me why there is a lot of food on the snowman. Let me tell you, it’s because I’m a dietitian, and my classmate is becoming a dietitian, too. Does it make sense?

In the last minutes, we put our name on the snowman, to show it was made by us. I really like my first snowman, because it was my first time to make one, and I made it with my friend. I’m hoping you’ll like it.

By the way, we put our snowman (Carben) closer to Fontbonne, so don’t forget to say Hi to this snowman if you see him. Hoping you’ll have a good winter. Happy snowing!


How I Spent My Snow Day

by Alumni Posts February 25, 2013

My Blog for today will come mostly in video form, which I think is exciting. Click here to see My Snow Day Vlog on YouTube! I hope you enjoyed watching my vlog, because I had a lot of fun making it. And now, some pictures! Peace, Love, & Snow Days!

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Snow Days: Then and Now

by Carlyn February 25, 2013

As we all know, there were a couple snow days recently. I have never met a student or teacher that does not like snow days. For one, that means a day off. And secondly, snow is just so gorgeous to look at. (At least it is until it gets plowed to the sides of roads […]

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by Alumni Posts February 25, 2013
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Soak Up The Sun

by Alumni Posts February 25, 2013

One of the benefits of attending a college that leans heavy on the commuter side is that I don’t have to let go of the joys of a snow day. Yup, in case you haven’t read any of the other blogs, Fontbonne was graced with a day off last Thursday in honor of Snowpocalypse 2013. […]

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Snow Day!

by Lizzie February 22, 2013

Hello everyone! Wow, isn’t it a beautiful day today? Aside from the scary ice and snow hanging around, I hope everyone is warm and safe out there. It was pretty unexpected to have a day off, but at the same time, it was also expected. Anyways, I was able to sleep in a little more […]

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Snow Day!

by Deanna February 22, 2013

Today, Thursday February 21st, Fontbonne (and just about all of Missouri) had a snow day! Although I never have classes on Thursdays this semester, it was still great because none of my friends did either! It has been a relaxing day around campus for everyone! A lot of us caught up on homework, watched movies, […]

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