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Finals week can be a struggle to get through, but Fontbonne’s library is trying to make that week a little bit better. On Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday, and Monday nights, the library will be open until midnight instead of closing at its usual 11 p.m. time. This means that students can spend extra time doing some late night studying which is definitely needed!

There are tons of great study spots in the library, like the small desks that can be found on the second floor. My favorite study spot in the library is the individual study rooms. I found that when I use one of those rooms, that I’m able to get a lot of studying done.

Lastly, all throughout finals week, the library will put out some late night snacks. There’s some delicious coffee, yummy granola bars, and many other treats for students!

So stop by the library during finals week and grab a quick snack to get you through those finals! Good luck!


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Food With Love

by Alumni Posts on November 25, 2013

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So several months ago, I joined this program with and Food With Love. Every month, for about $7, they send you a box of snacks. These are usually new products that are not yet sold in stores and they ask that you taste and review them. It’s fun! And honestly, the more I think about it, it is PERFECT for a college kid. A box of snacks for a really low price, AND it somewhat applies to my major. As an advertising major, we discuss in my Ad and Marketing classes the value of primary research. Which is, essentially, what these boxes obtain. We review the taste, uniqueness, packaging, and overall quality to give constructive feedback about these products. I enjoy it a lot and I think that shows that I picked the right major.


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