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Well ladies and gents, salvation has finally decided to grace us. Spring break will be here before we know it, and I honestly couldn’t be happier (I mean, I’m jumping for joy over this way). The trick is, guys, I’m probably gonna be busy with homework and interning the whole break (blah). If I could do anything though, I would most likely shop and sleep, my two favorite words in the English language. Why is that, you ask? Doing these two things will relieve the case of burnout that I have. Besides, I could use an extra large dosage of retail therapy (what girl doesn’t though???). Sleep is an absolute MUST this year, seeing as I always say I’m gonna sleep in but never do, so I owe myself this round of break sleep (trust me, my eyes are begging for it…. BEGGING….)


Black History Fact of the Week: Dr. Mary Frances Berry

Despite the significant obstacles she faced as a child in Tennessee, Dr. Mary Frances Berry has established a reputation as one of the most respected educators in the nation, with more accomplishments still on the horizon.

Born February 17, 1938, poverty split her family apart and she and her brother lived as orphans for a time. While attending segregated high schools during the Jim Crow period in the Deep South, Berry excelled academically and entered Fisk University. She then transferred to Howard University, graduating in 1961.

Berry obtained her Ph.D in history at the University of Michigan in 1966, then went on to work as part of the teaching faculty at the University of Maryland. While at Maryland, Berry oversaw the development of an African-American Studies program.



What are your plans over winter break? Anything fun? My plans are quite simple. I’m staying home and spending some time with family and friends. I haven’t seen many of friends since summer because we are all at different schools, so the long break gives us time to catch up and hang out with one another. I can’t wait to see them!

Along with catching up with family and friends, I plan to relax at home doing some of my favorite things which include: watching the classic Christmas movies, baking delicious treats and drinking an abundance of hot chocolate! (You can’t end winter break without doing at least one of those!)

I’m also going to try and catch up on some sleep too because I don’t think I’ll be sleeping much during the spring semester since I’ll be working. I’ll be working at an accounting firm during tax season which is when accounting firms are their busiest.

I hope everyone has a good winter break!


Well, it’s that time of year again. It’s the time of year we dread because of finals, but we also look forward to since it means winter break is coming up. Finals week and the week before finals are always stressful for college students. The pressure of doing well on finals is always a heavy burden students carry on their shoulders. I have a couple tips that might help you get through finals week a little easier.

1. Don’t forget to sleep the night before a final. I know college students feel that they need to pull an all-nighter before the day of their final so they can soak up all the possible information that might be on their final. While it sounds like a good idea, a good night’s rest is honestly more important. Sure you can stay up a little later that night and wake up a little earlier on the day of your final to do some extra studying, but there is no need to stay awake for 24 hours to study for a final. It’s all about managing your time and pacing yourself to study for finals a week or two ahead of time so you won’t have to pull an all-nighter the night before the big day.

2. It’s not the end of the world if you don’t get that perfect score on your final. It will bring your grade down, but your life isn’t going to end because of it. You will still have your friends and your parents will still love you. Once you get your grade back for your final, there is nothing left for you to do, so you just have to accept what you got and move on. Don’t let the bad grade ruin your winter break. It’s not worth it!

Maybe these tips will help you during finals week as they will help me!


I will never underestimate the power of sleep again. Last semester, I had the stupid idea of, “How about I stay up as late as I possibly can to study and get stuff done?” This was a stupid idea because it led to numerous, undesired side effects:

  1. I began to crave food, which is bad considering how closely I monitor my diet to ensure that it’s as clean as possible. Yes, I began to eat and eat and eat (or so I thought anyway. To most people in this “super-size me” culture, however, I probably still appeared to be consuming hardly anything.)! Plus, anytime I felt stress coming on, I found myself eating. Seriously. When I found out I had to write a paper that was due in a couple of hours one morning, I found myself eating. Stress/emotional eating (even if it’s eating nutritious food, as was my case) is bad with a capital “B”.
  2. I found myself falling asleep in class. I remember sitting in chemistry lecture, which was my earliest morning class I had last semester, literally holding my eyelids open with my fingers because they felt so heavy. If Dr. Bookstaver didn’t think I was weird before that, he definitely does now.
  3. I found it harder to motivate myself to study and do other productive things.

So, I’ve come to the conclusion that depriving myself of sleep was probably the dumbest idea ever. As evidenced by the above list, staying up late to study wasn’t helping my academics at all. I mean, if you have no motivation to study and you can’t stay awake in class, you are, as my favorite high school teacher Mr. Reeves would say, “SOL”, or “Sorry, out of luck” (ha). I was so good at going to bed early over the summer, and to completely throw my circadian rhythm out of whack like that during the school year was hurting me much more than it was actually helping me. Thus, I have decided that I am not going to shop online, look at my favorite fashion blogs, or read the latest album reviews on Pitchfork until all of my homework is complete. In other words, no more procrastination. If I hadn’t procrastinated so much last semester, I wouldn’t have felt the need to stay up so late studying because I would’ve been finished with everything I needed to do.

Since I’ve rediscovered my love of sleep and my body is no longer craving energy through food because I’m getting adequate rest, I’ve decided to start working on getting ahead now while I have all of this free time so I’m not buried once school actually starts. That means I’ll spend less time doing homework and more time getting the sleep I so desire. So, as hard for me to do this as it was, I broke out the old Organic textbook and began to read ahead.

Am I totally dorky/boring/lame for working ahead so I can go to bed earlier than my 12-year-old sister? Maybe. But when you are experiencing the dilemma of having to hold your eyelids open during class halfway through the semester, I’m sure you’ll see my side of the situation.

Anyway, have a great first week back everyone!


P.S. Holy Ghost! is my new musical obsession. Their self-titled album seriously gets better with every listen, and the totally 80’s music videos, which showcase an old-school New York City (the love of my life) in all its glory, are super addicting as well. Check out “Hold My Breath” here!



by Alumni Posts November 14, 2011

1. At any given point in time, most Fontbonne college students are stressed about something; it’s just part of going to school. While having stress in your life is normal and often unavoidable, being stressed is something you can control. Most importantly try not to be stressed about being stressed. Admit you are stressed, and […]

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