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Last Lecture

by Alumni Posts on April 28, 2014

in Campus Community

This past Thursday, Omicron Delta Kappa had the pleasure of collaborating with Student Government Association on the first installment of a very exciting, important series of events at Fontbonne, a Last Lecture Series. This was an idea of some student leaders in the beginning of this year. ODK and SGA saw it as a perfect opportunity for collaboration.

We chose the retiring President Dr. Golden to give his “last lecture” to the university. This consists of his final words of wisdom to students, faculty, and staff. You can find out more information on Last Lecture by viewing this link:

As Vice President of ODK, it was my duty to plan the reception following the Last Lecture. Dr. Golden is particularly fond of ice cream sundaes. I decided to call upon the local Strange Donuts in Maplewood for a special donut for the reception. We had ice cream sundae donuts made, along with hundreds of donut holes, fresh fruit, coffee, and hot chocolate.

Overall, it was a great evening. Dr. Golden delivered a memorable lecture, and everyone seemed to have enjoyed the night. I look forward to many Last Lectures ahead!

Thanks for reading.


Hello All :)

I am pretty excited to be apart of this whole “blogging” thing.

To start it off, my name is Kaniz Abbas and I am a junior at Fontbonne. I play soccer, am a member of the Biology club, Psychology club, Sociology club, Griffin gang, and I am the Vice President of marketing for SGA. Needless to say I stay pretty busy around the campus and I hope to keep people updated on the fun things that go on around this campus! Fontbonne is kind of small but super social, which I am sure you are all aware of, so my blogs are going to cover what goes on at these festivities. Since it is the start of a new week, as well as my first blog, I will just list some things off to ya’ll in hopes to see you at the events.

Women’s soccer game at WashU- tonight at 7.

SGA cookie decorating- Tuesday the 27th in the meadow at 4.

Dedicated Semester Event (this may help those who need credit for class ;))- Tuesday the 27th in The Lewis Room at 7

Sociology Meeting- Wednesday at 7

Men’s Soccer game- Friday (Home) at 6

Thanks for reading and next week I hope to let you know how everything went :)



One of my favorite things about going to Fontbonne is the fact that I can be involved in a bunch of organizations that somehow work with my schedule. Getting involved in organizations is a great way to meet new people and have fun at the same time. Everyone is bound to find something that he or she is interested in. New clubs can be created as well! For example, I know some individuals who are in the works of starting an Environmental Club.

As for existing clubs/organizations, some that I love being a part of are NSSLHA (National Student Speech-Language Hearing Association), which is an organization specifically for those in the Communication Disorders and Deaf Education Department. As a Speech Pathology major, I find it more than beneficial to be in NSSLHA. Plus, we get the chance to volunteer at activities that benefit others and raise money for different charities.

If you really want to get involved with things that go on at campus, I would suggest joining organizations like FAB (Fontbonne Activities Board), SGA (Student Government Association), or RHA (Residence Hall Association). During FAB meetings, we plan a lot of the events that occur on campus like  the Fall Dance, Spring Formal, Lip-Sync Competition, and other forms of entertainment. SGA works to be a voice for the student body. At meetings, there are representatives from all academic and extracurricular backgrounds who make an effort to make sure that students have a say in matters involving them. RHA, on the other hand, is more of a voice for residents, and we work to improve residential living.

The bright side about being located in St. Louis is that even if you aren’t able to find things to do on campus, there is a myriad of things to do around the city and surrounding area.

Now, go get involved! :)

Peace, Love, and Mustaches.

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According to my snazzy new-fangled phone I recently received from my parents, it was 46 degrees Fahrenheit outside. I definitely sensed the change in temperature when I stepped outside this morning. Speaking of this morning, I had one of the most challenging tests I’ve taken so far this year. One phrase says it all: Anatomy and Physiology of the Speech and Hearing Mechanisms. Let’s just say that my brain can only hold so much knowledge at a time. Anyway, despite the stress of tests, this week hasn’t been too bad. Last night, some of my friends and I celebrated my friend Kelia’s birthday in the DSAC (Dunham Student Activities Center).We threw her a surprise party, so it was fun. We even had it themed! She likes Finding Nemo, so we got her a Nemo-like piñata, blue jello with Swedish fish candy inside, and lots of fish-like things. That’s one of my major highlights for the week. I’m excited right now, because I’m typing this while I’m at the Campus Ministry/FISH (Fontbonne In Service and Humility)/SGA (Student Government Association) Halloween Party. People are wrapping each other up in toilet paper and dressing up like mummies. I’m concluding this now, so I can join in on the fun!

Eat candy, but keep those teeth cavity-free!

Peace, Love, and Pumpkins.

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