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UGANDA be Kidding Me!

by Candance on March 13, 2017

in Our Causes

Is Spring semester over yet? What about Summer semester?! LOL LOL. Not quite!!!

I can’t wait for summer to get here! Why?! You ask.

I’ll be traveling to Gulu, Uganda on an immersion trip with a few other FBU students this summer (end of July) and I’m very excited! Did I mention, I’M VERY EXCITED !!! 🙂

Traveling internationally is something I’m beginning to enjoy doing and I know I’ll be doing more international traveling in the future (I’m claiming it right now!) To experience life outside of the US is such a fascinating opportunity and if you allow it, it gives you a different perspective on life once you’re back home in the states. It causes you to appreciate the little things more than ever and to begin living life to fullest! At least that has been my experience.

Have you ever traveled outside of the country? What were thoughts? How did you feel about your experience?

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My Passions

by Courtney on March 13, 2017

in Our Causes

One thing I love about college is finding out what really interests you and what your passions are.  So I am here to tell you a few of my passions!

  1. Taking adventures- I love finding new places to hike, walk my dogs, and eat around St. Louis.  There are so many opportunities around St. Louis!
  2. St. Louis Cardinals- My family have always been Cards fans and now that I live in St. Louis, my love for them has grown even more.  I love going to Busch Stadium and cheering them on and enjoying the amazing atmosphere that other Cardinal fans possess.
  3. Helping Others- I love helping others whether it is here at Fontbonne or volunteering at a food bank.  It really alters my perspective and makes me feel so great afterwards.  I believe everyone should try to volunteer, especially with all the opportunities around the city.


Hello everyone!

The past weekend I had the opportunity to go to St. Agnes Home with the Students For Life and I loved it! This place is approximately 15 minutes from Fontbonne. When we arrive we were amazed that this home for Seniors is very big and very nice, I have to admit I really like its infrastructure. We were only 4 students, but it was enough for the activity we did.

Cecilia, who was the activities assistant, received us with a big smile; she was such a nice lady. She told us about how things worked there and the different activities that they usually do. They have movie nights, they play Bingo, cards, poker, and so many others fun activities. Then she asked us to deliver some Valentines cards that high school students had made. Each of us grab a bunch of cards and we went to different rooms. I had such a good experience talking with these people. Some seniors just receive the card with a smile and a thank you, but with others I could have really nice long conversations, and I really enjoy it. They were all happy about receiving this little detail. It is amazing how this simple activities can fulfill our hearts.

I had a good time, and I hope I could go again this semester!

Have a nice week everybody!






Introducing Me

by Mari on September 6, 2016

in First Year at Fontbonne


My name is Maria Torres, but I go by my nickname Mari. I am 18 years old and I am a freshman at Fontbonne University. I was born and raised in Kansas City. I am majoring in Communications. I have two younger sisters. My sister Gabi is in middle school and I have another sister Sofi, who is a sophomore in high school. I also have two dogs who are both Chihuahuas. Even though I am only about 4 hours away from home, I still get a little homesick now and then. I feel so much better knowing that I have met a supportive community of students and faculty here at Fontbonne!

At a Kansas City Royals game with my family! At a Kansas City Royals game with my family!

This past summer I was an intern through Bank of America Student Leaders. Through the internship, I worked with a non-profit called Youth Volunteer Corps in Kansas City. This awesome non-profit encouraged youth to give back to their communities through volunteering. I loved to see the youth become so happy after they finished a service project. Also through the internship, I traveled to Washington D.C. along with over 200 young people from across the country. In Washington D.C. we discussed how we can make a difference in our government, not only locally, but nationally too. It was a surreal experience to be surrounded by so many diverse people from all around the country. I met some lifelong friends through the internship.

With my fellow Kansas City Bank of America Student Leader interns in Washington D.C.!

I am very excited to start this blog during my freshman year. Feel free to give me a follow on my social media, I follow back!

Twitter: @mari_torres98

Instagram: @mari_torres16

Take care,



How Did I Spend Fontbonne Day?

by Alumni Posts May 3, 2016

I was lucky enough to participate in Fontbonne Day for my 3rd time this past April.  Fontbonne Day is the one day a year that the entire Fontbonne community gets together and participates in a day of service.  I was fortunate enough to spend my Fontbonne Day with the Fontbonne Circle of Omicron Delta Kappa. […]

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Fontbonne Day

by Patricia April 25, 2016

Fontbonne Day was last Friday. It occurs one day a year when all of Fontbonne breaks up into groups and goes into various locations to do volunteer work. In the past I did not have a group to go with. This year however, I got inducted into ODK. It is the national honor society for […]

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Fontbonne Day

by Alumni Posts April 25, 2016

  Fontbonne University is a great place to indulge in many different volunteer efforts and campus activities. Although it is my senior year here at the school, I have taken the opportunity to become involved in as many things as possible. Fontbonne Day is a day of service where students, faculty, and outside volunteers come […]

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My Fontbonne Day!

by Taylor April 18, 2016

As you all know, last week we had our annual Fontbonne Day, a day where campus shuts down and faculty, students, and staff go out into the community and serve. This year I had the opportunity to go out to Equine Assisted Therapy (EAT)  in Wildwood, Missouri with Fontbonne’s Student Association of Family and Consumer […]

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Giving Back

by Fontbonne University October 12, 2015

As the fall semester here at Fontbonne is halfway through, I’ve finally had a chance to start my volunteer service at St. Mary’s Hospital. I have to admit, when I first started the process to become a volunteer I felt a bit overwhelmed with the amount of information and a little unsure whether I could […]

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Fontbonne Day (May 1st) Experience

by Alumni Posts May 6, 2015

Hi everyone, Last Friday was our University Big Day!!! Did anyone join and volunteer in one of the activities? I really had a wonderful time spending my day with my other friends at an elementary school to help their school do some gardening on their front lawn and some painting for the school to hang […]

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