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Griffins! Our blogging is back in session! It is officially fall now and my senior year. Time is sure flying and that is what scares me.

Eighteen credit load was intimidating when I signed up for classes last semester and now that I am taking them it is not too bad, so far. (Fingers crossed that it will not be the death of me.) Since this year I am not a nervous wreck about being at a new school and meeting new people I am more outgoing and willing to do more things that I normally would not do.

This past weekend was so amazing. Last week my cousin surprised me with a ticket to see Jason Aldean! He is my favorite country artist. The concert was on Friday night. It was an early birthday present since my birthday is THIS Friday. (: Also, I went to the Blues game with some friends, and we won! It is only preseason but hey.

I hope everyone has a good rest of the week! Until next time.


Last month was my last official performance as a Fontbonne Griffin Girl!

For those of you who don’t know, Griffin Girls is the Dance Team at Fontbonne.

We mostly just perform at the halftime of the Men’s Basketball Games, but I know that the team is looking to grow by performing at other events and even going to dance conferences/conventions in the future (which I sincerely hope that they do so).

I have discussed my love for dancing in a previous blog post before, which you can read here.

However, I’d like to use this blog post to dedicate my love to the Griffin Girls, which has been such a big part of my experience here at Fontbonne.

Below are some pictures we took at our last basketball performance for the season.

Seniors on Griffin Girls (I also wish that Erica N. and Kelly could be in this picture)! I wish them all the best after graduation!

I love my team!

This is the lovely Conner, who helped me so much this school year with choreography! She is amazing!

This is the super sweet Heather, who happens to be both a Griffin Girl and a Student in one of Fontbonne's Graduate Programs! I have so much respect for her being able to do both.

This is Katelyn, currently our only Freshman on the team. I wish her all the best in her future years on the team and at Fontbonne.

This is my fellow Dancer and Senior Speech Language Pathology Friend, Lee! Our experiences go way back to Freshman Year together.

This is Shannon and she is such a star! I'm amazed by how great she is with not having as much dance technique experience as some of us.

This is Miss Kristen! She makes some of the best faces and is just super rad.

This is the fabulous Tabitha, who tries to do it all! I feel like I've been involved with so many things with her that I can't even keep count of them all. I'm amazed by how much she does, but I also hope that she finds the time to rest.

This is Adrienne! I've had the privilege of being in classes like Yoga and Psychology with her, which have been great. It's been so wonderful to be on the team with her as well.

This is Katy! She always brings so much power and energy into her performances, and I admire her for that.

This is my wonderful Coach Mandie, who has helped guide us all these years. She has basically been the team's mother and one of our biggest supporters.

I’m going to miss dancing with all of these beautiful ladies so much, and I wish all the best for them!

This is the Griffin Girls at our first performance this school year at Fontbonne's Griffinsanity Event.

Peace, Love, & Griffin Girls.

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Holding On

by Alumni Posts on September 28, 2012

in Career Paths

After Fontbonne, I will be going home to St John’s School of Nursing in Springfield, Illinois. I really hoped that I could stay in St. Louis because I call St. Louis my home now, and I would hate to leave all my friends here, but in reality, it’s better on my pocketbook to go home and complete my major. I have completed my prerequisites here and have taken a few extra fun courses so I can play out my four years of basketball. I have had the time of my life every single day so far this semester. When it comes down to the last year, you don’t let a day slip by without doing something fun. I can’t believe how fast this year is going so fast. I’m holding on to each and every day of the week. This year has been and will continue to be amazing. I hope all of you think the same way.


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Hi All!!

by Alumni Posts on September 11, 2012

in Academics,College Life

Hi all! I am new to the Fontbonne University blogging community so an introduction is only appropriate.

My name is Kelia, pronounced “Kayla.” A lot of people, teachers included, know me as “Kayla,” but freak out when they see my name on paper. So don’t worry if when you read my name on paper you wonder who the heck that person is. It happens to the best of them. Once you get over the weird spelling, I think it means we are friends.

First thing first, I am a senior! This is my last semester of college. Last. Semester. How insane is that?! Unbelievable. Three point five years have never gone so fast in my life. If there were a mantra that should be scribed all over every notebook/agenda/wall of incoming freshman, it’s this: Life goes too fast. Appreciate it, have fun, worry less, smile more. Just because you are a college student does not mean you should adopt the stress level of Obama. This is something I wish I would have tuned in on. Have fun while you can and study when you should.

I am majoring in Fine Arts with a concentration in Graphic Design. I love art. Every type. I love to create. I will probably be writing a lot about this. Expect to see musings about my art classes, which are: Painting with Tim Liddy, Life Size Painting with Victor Wang, Senior Project with Tim Liddy, Digital Imaging with Denise Shilling, and Wood Working with Mark Douglas. If you have no idea who these professors are, go find them and introduce yourself. It’s not everyday you get to hang around actual, real life, thriving Artists. The Art Professors of Fontbonne University are incredibly talented and profoundly caring. They create art, and they sell art. Some of the works are in New York, Europe and Hong Kong. They are kind of a big deal. Shake their hands, ask them questions, be their friend.

The other class: Kitchen Survival: Cook Well, Eat Well, Live Well (the special topics course.) Because of the awesome dedicated semester topic of Foodology, this cooking class was offered and I could not resist. I love food, I love to cook and bake and I love to be healthy. Best class ever. I will most definitely be writing about the creations from this class.

I am from Kentucky. I was born in Ohio as a 3 month early premi. I live in Northern Kentucky when I am not in ST. Louis attending school. My family lives about 7 minutes from Cincinnati Ohio, where I plan on landing a job. Expect to read about me missing my family, friends and my amazing boyfriend of 3 years and 7 months. Hey, long distance relationships suck, so every month counts.

Exercise: I love it! I love to run and have run competitively since 7th grade. I have been playing soccer since the age of 4. In high school I ran cross country and played varsity soccer at the same time all four years. I love the dedication and physical demands you ask of your body as an athlete. I found Fontbonne because I was recruited by a past cross country coach and fell in love with the school, the program and the area. I ran Cross Country and Track for 2 solid years, switched to soccer last year, and this year I am doin’ my own thing. I like to lift weights, I like to run, I like to sweat.

I am really excited to share my experiences as a last semester college Senior with everyone! Thanks for reading,



Back to School

by Alumni Posts September 12, 2011

Well, I do not know where the time went, but somehow I am already a Senior here at Fontbonne and it seems both sad and happy to me to be starting my last year here. I am not looking forward to leaving the wonderful friends that I have made here behind, or leaving any of […]

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